2009-03-13 20:26

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After going into town to return my Prodigy box set (but forgetting my reciept and having to go home again and come back another day) I came home to find a paypal payment from HKFlix in my inbox! :D Long story short: I bought two copies of the Thai LE of Sunshine with the flashing cell phone light thingy from them about two months ago but it turned out that they just sent me regular keepcases instead - not to big of a surprise as that LE has been OOP for quite some time (but HKFlix has had some weird stocks in the past so one never really knows).

Anyway, after discussing the matter for over a month with customer support and finally filing a paypal-report to get my money back they actually took my advice and let me keep the dvds while also offering me a full refund.

So now I got some USD to spare on my paypal account. Hmmm... I wonder what I should get? :)


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