2009-04-16 21:09

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Everyone knows that the global economy is totally SNAFU:ed right now and it's actually pretty hard on good old discjunkie as well. I'm guessing I wont be buying to much stuff for quite a while now but I'll try to keep you occupied with what I have. But the reason I can't spend too much money on dvds right now is that I'm saving up for a trip to Thailand in november :D

Obviously, once in Thailand I hope to pick up a few good sets and until then I'll just focus on publishing some stuff that I never got around to reviewing. Plus, my youtube-channel is just bursting with activity right now so be sure to check that out over the months to come.

A special thanks to all my visitors and youtube-subscribers. I'm sorry if things are a bit slow here but I've been shifting a lot of energy to my youtubing so I hope I'm rubbing most of you the right way just by doing that a lot.


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