2008-02-18 22:12

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You'll notice some slight changes in the sites menu system but there's nothing to serious going on so I'm sure you'll all get through it eventually. I've added a brand new banner-section where you can get access to some good old fashion discjunkie style banners (I mean if you're gonna link me, why not do it in style, right?).

As for the confusing (?) "product" anti-link previously seen at the beginning of the menu I've chosen to just remove this for the time being as it really doesn't do anything. Plus, there was ONE complaint about it so why not trash the whole concept right there...

Anywhooo... all the product-pages (or box set pages if you will) are now just like sub-pages to the regular database and so the menu just holds in database-mode even if you click around within the database.

I also went ahead and moved the news section to the beginning of the menu as this felt a bit more logical than having it be somewhere in the middle (not sure why I started out that way to be perfectly honest). And as for the new dvds today you'll notice a stunning looking digipack from Atlantic and slightly screwed up box set from Columbia Tristar.


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