2009-07-06 21:03

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Even though I'm currently working part time at the post office I must say that unimployment doesn't feel particularly unimployed at all. Recently it feels like everything I do is work. Wether it's moving boxes, buying new furniture, assembling new furniture, installing new shower doors, cleaning up, organising DVDs, going grocery shopping and so on.

I mean who has time to look for work with all this going on??? Never the less I'm doing quite well. Not having any money to buy DVDs is a somewhat good experience to go through every once in a while.

Cause it gives you a bit of a perspective; You can't buy everything you want all the time. I mean you just can't. The market is whipping out new editions faster than one can type "doubledi" (yeah, told you so). Anyway, for the moment I'm just unwinding from my need to buy stuff. Not that I don't want to. I mean of course I do. I'm dying to! But with no full time job and double rents and whatnot it's just not possible.

So there you have it. Fixing up our new apartment and getting setled in is pretty much taking up all my time but the new DVD-room is looking really good and I finally have a good place for the collection to grow in. I'm guessing the most action you'll see in terms of DVD-related news from myself will be on the tube for a while. It's just so easy and simple to through something up there.

So yeah. That's it. I hope everyone still enjoys the site, dispite my constant lagging and boring newsless chitchats.


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