2009-07-18 13:56

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After a quick stop at the gym to play squash with myself (and accidently hitting my head with the racket, giving me a nice little scare in the middle of my forhead), Anna came up with the idea of stepping into one of the local electronics stores and look for new television set as it's right next to the gym, and we've been looking to update from our old stoneage set since... well, since the stonage, really.

After some debating and great confusion we went with the salesmans advice and went home with a Philips 47PFL5604H12 LCD flatscreen set. It's a 47" set and seeing as we don't really know much about these things I'm guessing it might not be the bestest choice ever but it sure as hell works for me, having never owned a flatscreen before this is a step up no matter what.

So... yeah...


Discjunkie's got a new TV! :D


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