2009-07-21 21:28

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I've become a big fan of country-style horror in the likes of Texas Chainsaw Massacre - or films that follow generally the same storyline (youngsters travelling through small towns and getting slaughtered by crazy killer psycho types). So far it's been quite hard to track down the really good ones so any tips are greatly appriciated.

One of my recent favorites is the australian soon to be cult classic Wolf Creek, which follows two girls and a guy travelling across the australian outback to visit an old tourist attraction in the form of a meteor crash site and suddenly getting stranded. They obviously get help from a lonesome stranger aaaaaand... well, you can guess where it goes from there. Anyway, I'm looking to track down this film in an old 4 disc LE that's been OOP for very long so here's to hoping.

However, when I was researching this set I came across an odd (and to me never before seen) collector's release with a totally messed up red slipcase cover. I havn't found any details on when where or how this set came to be but seeing as I won the auction I hope that I can shed some light on it once I can investigate the case IRL.

I must say I'm really excited to find this version though. I don't know, for some reason this slipcase set (which is probably just 2 discs) feels even more interesting than the 4 disc set just because I've never seen it before. I still want the 4 discer too but getting a hold of an even lesser known version is obviously an incredibly bonus to a packaging-freak like myself.

That's it for today. Keep watching your rear-view mirrors and watch out for hitchhikers (that's right; you know they're probably just dying to drag you down in a ditch and bash your brains out). Furthermore: offending locals with weird teeth are never a good sign if you're looking to go home with all your bones intact.

So yeah... sweet dreams to all!


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