2009-08-06 19:25

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As mentioned a few posts back I'm currently looking for the 4 disc LE of Wolf Creek and came across an odd never before seen alternate cover version through one of my ebay searches. Well, the mystery-editon arrived a few days ago but as it turned out this thing wasn't quite what I expected. Upon first glance, the oddball edition appeard to be pretty fucking awesome as it turned out to be a singledisc digipack rather than a keepcase in a slipcase as I had first assumed.

However, when turning my attention to the fine prints I noticed something of an origin clue in the "Classic Australian Collection" logo printed at the top of the cover (the original ebay-photo wasn't very high quality so I was never able to make out this text prior to bidding). After some simple googling I came to the irritating conclusion that this was in fact NOT an individual release but actually a part of the Classic Australian Collection vol. 2 box set (10 discs), which I hadn't heard of before.

Being something of a purist I'm quite annoyed over the fact that I know own a good looking digipack that I don't really want, just for the fact that it's not a complete set. I know that some of you probably would have me labeled as completely mental for feeling this way, but add to the fact that this dvd cost me roughly 16 AUD (plus shipping) and the complete set is commonly priced around 130 AUD. You do the math. And I mean it's just common sense. YOU DON'T SELL PART OF A BOX SET WITHOUT CLEARLY STATING THAT THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE DOING. And especially if the buyer emails you and express his surprise in never having seen this cover anywhere (all I got in respons was "Yep - is more a collectors edition").


PS. As I refuse to upload this set into the database based on it not being an individually released dvd I decided to make a quick video showing it off. You can check out the video by clicking HERE. DS


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Brunomec | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-08-07 (12:26)

Hi ;)

OK, it's part of some australian colletion but it's very cool. I like the art cover and the digi inside.

It's unpleased don't been provided the correct information about the item. I keep waiting my 4-disc LE.

Keep going and regards.

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