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Today is wednesday. We gave away our old television set to a secondhand store, provided they pick it up. It's a simple solution to avoid having to go to the dump with it or try to sell it for 20 dollars or so. I mean it's just not worth the effort so good riddance it's finally out of the house.

I'm applying for a lot of jobs in switchboards and like front desk type places. Oh yeah, you might not know it to look at me but I actually have a past working as a "switchbitch" (common term for someone working in the switchboard, not sure how common it is in english but you probably get it anyway).

I got an absolutely awesome thai edition of Slumdog Millionaire yesterday but I havn't had time update all the specs in the database yet. There's a video up on youtube for the moment and I'll get to the rest as soon as I can.

I saw From Within a few days back. It was pretty decent I guess. Some pretty good scares, and a surprisingly haunting ending (credit sequence). The whole thing starts of with a spontaneous suicide for no apparent reason in a small town where religion is a big part of the community. Pretty soon more suicides start to happen and the people look for someone to blame which eventually turns everything into a modern day witchhunt. There's some interesting twists and the story felt pretty good overall.

Another film worth mentioning I think is End of the Line. This is also based much in the world of religious aspects and begins with a bunch of cult-members suddenly starting to slay people with daggers (once again for no apparent reason). Now, this film almost scared the crap out of me a few times but overall it's not as much a chocker as it is a suspenseful apocalypse-style journey type thing.

Okay, that sounded weird but the basic plot is this. Some random people get grouped together and have to escape a city in chaos as religious fanatics are waiting to kill them off at every corner. I mean it's sort of like a zombie-movie... except the zombies aren't really dead people... they're just crazy church folks.

Anyway, I thaught it was pretty good, but the ending was a bit strange as it gave the whole film a totally different direction right before the final shot. I don't know. A bit odd but still worth a watch if you enjoy watching a small group of people running for survival in the likes of Cloverfield or 28 days later (but DON'T watch this purely based on the monsterlike creatures on the cover, as they are hardly on screen at all).

Last but not least I want to REALLY recomend The Killing Room. Now, this film stars swedish actor Peter Stormare, who is well known for a lot of supporting roles in major Hollywood films but his part in this movie felt surprisingly heavy and unusual somehow. I mean he always does a great job in his smaller roles but this character is a lot less humourus than what we've usually seen him.

He plays alongside ChloŽ Sevigny in what can most easily be described as a government controlled version of Saw. A number of strangers are locked into a room under the pretext of being guineapigs for some kind of experiment but as it turns out, the name of the game is simply "be the last to survive" as a gun is thrown into the mix and the group is left alone under the surveilance of the people behind the curtain.

All in all this was just one of those films that grabs your attention and holds you at the edge of your seat just for the sake of finding out the truth behind it all. I found it to be very thaughtful and it felt like one of those storylines that just has you mesmarized trying to work out what will happen next.

I'm guessing some people might think of the ending as totally mind blowing but I wouldn't go that far. But either way it's definetly worth checking out reguardless of what you think of Saw. The acting felt really good and the coldhearted calculating enviroment of the so called "Killing Room" is just haunting. It's just a good movie. That's it.

Now I'm off to buy some Nutella (it's a strange german chocolate-sauce type thing) and make some pancakes.

Yummy Yum Everyone!


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