2009-08-16 20:21

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I've recently taken an interest in as it seems like an easy way to try out hosting live video sessions. My friends Eric and Sanna (more known as Bookhouseboy77 and SannaNM on youtube) have started making live sessions using BlogTV. You can check their videofeed through the following URL:

Apart from this I'm not really sure. Things are bleak as usual with no job and no steady income. Filling out the timecards for the unimployment office is something close to a mission impossible and the desperation in finding a new job is wearing hard on my everyday life pretty much around the clock.

Never the less, I'm confident that things will pick up eventually and I just hope that they do so sooner rather than later.

That's all from the classy crackhouse today. See you all in time for your next score.


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