2009-08-18 11:24

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Yesterday I held my very first live video feed attempt through BlogTV. It went pretty good but the use of a wireless connection (?) caused the audio and video to lagg a bit from time to time. I co-hosted the session with Mystepho who came in as a spontaneous halftime host while I went out for a walk with the dogs.

Upon my return Mystpeho was quite busy discussing anime and seeing as my girlfriend was off to sleep I choose to stay on mearly as a visual element while Mystepho did all the talking. All in all I think the session worked out quite well and I hope to make a second attempt pretty soon. For anyone who wants to catch me live you should bookmark the following link to access my live feed.

I'm guessing I will use youtube as a way to get word out that I'm broadcasting. So whenever the live feed is activated I will upload a new video on youtube simply stating that we're up and running. Once the session ends the video-announcement will be taken down from youtube.

That's it for now. See you all in the feed.


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Hugo | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-08-19 (12:52)

I saw a little bit and i enjoyed it ;)

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