2009-08-29 01:33

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Today I spontaneously bought the new limited edition box set for The Inglorious Bastards (1978). The set is limited to only 500 copies so I've been a bit on edge about getting it as it feels quite cheap in quality so I've been wanting to see real photos before I actually bought it.

But anyway, I was in town today having a nice little chat with Bigert & Bergström (oh yeah, the incredible directors of Last Supper) reguarding the possibility of working together in the field of panoramic photography and while I was out I figured I'd try and track down a store that had the box set in stock so I could check it out in real life.

I found it at Megastore, who are the ones selling it at the lowest price so far, but had quite a hard time deciding as it's just an incredibly overpriced set and the quality is hardly everything one would have hoped for. But then I just went "Fuck it". I want to be the first one to show this thing and it is quite cool so what the hell. A couple of hours later and it's no sitting on a shelf in the dvdroom.

I havn't officially published the box set into the database yet but you can check the video review over at Discjunkie TV for now :) Oh, and almost forgot. While chilling with my new favourite directorial duo I had the privilige of getting my very own screener copies of their currently unreleased documentaries Tunnel Vision and Life Extended. :D Man, I can't wait to watch em'!

That's it from the inglorious junkie today. Aber aufenthalt stimmte für mehr Material ab.


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