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Okay. So I just watched Shoot Em' Up after remembering it as being mentioned to me by a few people as "unusual" and also noticing it as scoring 7/10 over on iMDB. And now that I've watched it I just have one question.


I mean this thing is so silly and laugh-out-loud ridiculous that I honestly don't know what to think of it. I litterly find myself laughing abruptly at the insane and down right stupid scenes in this surprisingly popular action flick. The thing is that this movie LOOKS like your typical somewhat halfbad action movie... BUT, even though it's directed and shot quite nicely with a big Hollywood and "serious" feel to it, the entire film is just so over-the-top that it rather resembles a Family Guy parody than an actual action film.

And I'm not saying that this film is good. It's TERRIBLE! I mean you got Clive Owen starring as a mysteryous stranger-type who kills bad guys WITH A CARROT (!!!) and can delivery a baby with ONE HAND in the middle of a gun fight (!!!), and then you got Paul Giamatti co-starring as the head of the bad guys and he's got a pistol that will only fire if it recognises his fingerprint on the trigger (Oh, the technology!).

AND THE ONE-LINERS! Oh man, there are so many crappy one liners in this thing that I'm having trouble making out the actual rest of the dialogue. And another thing, this film seems hell bent on crossing every moral boundery known to man. I mean there's a new born child being handled like a fucking american football in the middle of a gunfight, there's a guy touching the breast of a dead girl, there's sex, there's violence and pretty much every action that feels like a bit too much is just thrown right in there with the rest.

But it's done so in your face and in such a stupid way that you can't take it seriously. I mean look at a movie like The Transporter. Now there's a film that has it's fair share of over the top action and questionable stunts. BUT it's still enjoyable because it's balancing on the level of what is still considered cool and believable (in some way). Shoot Em' Up on the other hand, takes all that kind of stuff and pimps it up to a level where you just find yourself laughing at it because you think to yourself that they must be joking.

Oh man. I don't know. I mean the easiest way to describe this crap is that it's a parody that refuses to admit it's a parody. The director knows it, the audience knows it, the producer don't care but they still know it (I think) but everyone's got a straight face on and the camera keeps rolling.

I strongly recommend that you avoid seeing this film because it's just that crappy. AND YES, I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE'S A TOUNG-IN-CHEEK THING GOING ON HERE, but there's a line between what works and what doesn't work and Shoot Em' Up just takes this concept to far IMO. I mean if they had done this thing with a classic parody feel to it (like they did with like... The Naked Gun back in the day), THEN I would have probably found it enjoyable... but now... I don't know, it just doesn't mix. It's INSANE. Either make a parody or make an action, you can't get an award in both categories.

This is one movie I'm never gonna watch ever again. That's for sure.


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