2009-10-06 09:14

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WOOOHOOO! I finally had some guys come over here to haul away some of the furniture crap that's been piling up in the DVD-room. To be honest I don't really care that one doesn't get any money for it. I mean really, how much would I have gotten? Like 10, maybe 20 bucks at the most. But then you gotta haggle with people and set up apointments where the bastards don't show and all that.

Nah. Plus, GIVING your stuff away to a second hand charity saves you the trouble of having to load the stuff into your care and drive it to the dump, so it's a pretty good solution for everyone I think. I mean they're obviously making quite a bit of money in the end by getting to sell all this free crap that people don't want... but on the other hand... eh, what the fuck. Saves me from having to carry stuff and injuring my back and so forth.

I still don't have the review-table set up but atleast now there's room enough to put it in there. And I also need to look over the lighting situation. But we're getting there... slowly... oh so very slowly...

Peace and junk


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