2009-10-07 09:54

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I recently went ahead and registered my own shortcut-URL thingy over on Facebook so now you can find me by simply surfing to Plus, I also figured out a way to make the word "Discjunkie" get hits in the facebook search engine. Now this is not something very incredible, it's just a simple and nice little feature that you can use on your facebook account (I can't remember what the url to set this thing up is but I think there's a link in your settings. Also, you can only select this shortcut URL once and then change it ONCE, after that you're stuck with whatever name you choose).

But anyway, this nice little feature aside I had a lot of problems getting the search-function to pick up "Discjunkie" even though that was the shortcut URL I registered. Yet, after some clever tricks I managed to find away around this using Facebooks very own settings. So do you want to find yourself on Facebook by typing a nickname into the search box? Aight, here's how to do it.

By going to you account settings and entering the section that deals with your name your free to type in whatever name you want. However, even if you'd like to be called "Discjunkie" or "Crazy Pornstar Jeff" Facebook's built in state-of-the-art super computer fake-name-recognizer will most likely identify this as a fake name and not grant you to change it (even if "Crazy Pornstar Jeff" might in fact be your real name).

BUT... if you take a closer look at the name section you'll also find a small box that reads "full alternative name". This box is meant to be used in case you have a middle name or something that people know you by. Like if people knew me better by my middle name "Lars" I could type in my full alternative name as "Oskar Lars Falk" and then people would get hits even when they search for "Lars Falk" (even though that's not the name I commonly use). Get it?

So the way to get your very own searchable nickname simply type in your first and last name into the "full alternative name" field as you do in your regular settings but also add a nickname. Like in my case: "Oskar Discjunkie Falk". Then you can uncheck the small box that says to show this in your profile and the search results and you're all set. People can search for your nickname in search box and find you instantly but you don't have to display the nickname if you don't want to.

Voila! You've just done a lame-ass hack to your Facebooks-account! (junkie style)

However, the "Full alternative name" field doesn't seem to work with anything and there's a block for using to many words. Still, adding ONE searchword or nickname shouldn't be a problem.

PS. It's quite possible that Facebook have updated their search engine so it get's hits based on your shortcut URL as well as your name but when I registered my shortcut URL this wasn't a working function. Still, in that case you can still use this trick to add a secondary nickname for people to find you by. DS


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Matthew | Location: Birmingham Posted 2009-10-27 (01:13)

Oooh, you're on Facebook. Can we add you?

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