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» 6 Discs
» Special Case
» Slipcase Box
» Promotional Flyers
» Paper Wrapper

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 Disc 1

» Death Proof (movie)
» Whats Grindhouse? (Text essay in Japanese)
» Trailers
» - Japanese Theatrical Trailer for Planet Terror (in English with Forced Japanese subtitles) (47s)
» - Japanese Theatrical Trailer for Death Proof and Planet Terror (in English with Forced Japanese subtitles) (01m 31s)
» - Japanese TV-spot for Death Proof (in Japanese with no subtitles) (17s)
» - Quentin Tarantino TV Spot for Death Proof (in English with Forced Japanese subtitles) (17s)
» - US Theatrical Trailer for Death Proof (in English with no subtitles) (02m 20s)
» Cast & Crew Biographies (in Japanese)
» - Kurt Russell
» - Zo Bell
» - Rosario Dawson
» - Vanessa Ferlito
» - Jordan Ladd
» - Rose McGowan
» - Sydney Tamiia Poitier
» - Tracie Thoms
» - Mary Elizabeth Windstead
» - Quentin Tarantino
» - Erica Steinberg
» - Sally Menke
» - Jeff Dashnaw


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DTS 5.1
» English DD 5.1
» Japanese DD 5.1

Japanese, Japanese HoH (optional) (except where stated)

 Disc 2

» Death Proof Introduction by Quentin Tarantino (forced Japanese subtitles) (17s)
» The Hot Rods of Death Proof (11m 46s)
» Stunts on Wheels: The Legendary Drivers of Death Proof (20m 38s)
» Introducing Zo Bell (08m 57s)
» Kurt Russell as Stuntman Mike (09m 32s)
» Finding Quentin's Gals (21m 13s)
» The Uncut Version of Baby, It's You (music video) performed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (01m 47s) (no subtitles)
» The Guys of Death Proof (08m 14s)
» Quentin's Greatest Collaborator: Editor Sally Menke (04m 37s)
» Double Dare Trailer (no subtitles) (02m 35s)


Japanese (optional) (except where stated)

 Disc 3

» Planet Terror (movie)
» - Machete (Fake Trailer)
» - Planet Terror (movie)
» Audio Commentary by director Robert Rodriguez
» Whats Grindhouse? (Text essay in Japanese)
» Trailers
» - Japanese Theatrical Trailer for Death Proof (in English with Forced Japanese subtitles) (46s)
» - Japanese Theatrical Trailer for Death Proof and Planet Terror (in English with Forced Japanese subtitles) (01m 31s)
» - Japanese TV-spot for Planet Terror (in Japanese with no subtitles) (17s)
» - International Theatrical Trailer for Planet Terror (in English with no subtitles) (02m 18s)
» Cast & crew Biographies (in Japanese)
» - Rose McGowan
» - Freddy Rodriguez
» - Michael Biehn
» - Jeff Fahey
» - Josh Brolin
» - Mary Shelton
» - Neveen Andrews
» - Stacy Fergie Ferguson
» - Bruce Willis
» - Robert Rodriquez
» - Elizabeth Avellan
» - Gregory Nicotero
» - Howard Berger
» - Steve Joyner
» - Nina Proctor


1.78:1 Anamorphic

English DTS 5.1
» English DD 5.1
» Japanese DD 5.1

Japanese, Japanese HoH (except where stated)

 Disc 4

» 10 Minute Film School (11m 51s)
» The Badass Babes of Planet Terror (11m 49s)
» The Guys of Planet Terror (16m 30s)
» Casting Rebel (05m 33s)
» Sickos, Bullets and Explosions: The Stunts of Planet Terror (13m 16s)
» The Friend, the Doctor and the Real Estate Agent (06m 40s)


Japanese (optional)

 Disc 5

» Grindhouse (double feature) (movie)
» - Machete (Fake Trailer)
» - Planet Terror (movie)
» - Werewolf Women of The SS (Fake Trailer)
» - Don't! (Fake Trailer)
» - Thanksgiving (Fake Trailer)
» - Death Proof (movie)


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1

Japanese (optional)

 Disc 6

» 2006 San Diego Comic-Con: Director and Cast Q & A (23m 33s)
» Quentin Tarantino Interview in Japan (4 parts with "Play all") (12m 28s total)
» - Part 1 (03m 20s)
» - Part 2 (04m 09s)
» - Part 3 (02m 36s)
» - Part 4 (02m 20s)
» Cast & Crew Interviews (with "Play all" option) (37m 49s total)
» - Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez (09m 11s)
» - Kurt Russell (01m 47s)
» - Zo Bell (02m 08s)
» - Rosario Dawson (01m 39s)
» - Vanessa Ferlito (51s)
» - Jordan Ladd (01m 04s)
» - Sydney Tamiia Poitier (01m 45s)
» - Tracie Thoms (01m 33s)
» - Mary Elizabeth Winstead (48s)
» - Rose McGowan (01m 25s)
» - Freddy Rodriquez (02m 17s)
» - Michael Biehn (01m 52s)
» - Josh Brolin (01m 52s)
» - Mary Shelton (01m 42s)
» - Naveen Andrews (01m 23s)
» - Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson (01m 21s)
» - Eli Roth (02m 12s)
» - Edgar Wright (01m 45s)
» - Rob Zombie (01m 07s)
» Grindhouse Films (with Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez) (03m 56s)
» The Making Of Death Proof (08m 43s)
» The Making Of Planet Terror (07m 30s)
» The Making Of the Thanksgiving fake trailer (59s)
» The Making Of the Dont fake trailer (58s)
» The Making Of the Werewolf Women of the SS fake trailer (50s)
» Theatrical Trailer for Grindhouse (02m 27s)


Japanese (optional) (except where stated)

 Movie Details

Short info
Original Title: Death Proof (2007)
Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Short info
Original Title: Planer Terror (2007)
Directed by: Robert Rodriguez

Short info
Original Title: Grindhouse (2007)
Directed by: Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, Rob Zombie

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Despite having a rather thin slipcase, this set comes off as a really well designed high quality box set. The outer sleeve may be thin but at the same time it feels very durable and comes with a really nice matte black background overlayed with some glossy black printing. Also pay special attention to all the little tears and creases which are actually part of the design rather than actual damages.

The inside comes with a fairly unique and clever case. What starts out as a common digipack soon turns out to be an all out folding fest as each of the three parts also fold out vertically. This reveals a total of 6 discs, all with a wonderfully design vinyl-record style for the discart. The material used for the digipack itself almost feels recycled at times but it's so well done and has such a wonderful detailed printing that it actually works to it's advantage in even further connecting to the films retro-feel and old school qualities. And I realice I keep calling it digipack even though it doesn't actually have digitrays in it. The disc just sit on a set of plastic hubs, but are still nicely protected by being surrounded by a thick cardboard base cutout around each disc.

All in all I'm just amazed at how good this set actually looks and I doubt we will see something this beautiful done for these films in a long time.

Disc contents / Extras

Back in the old days (which was actually quite recently) this set was the definitive choice for any true fan of the films as it was the only DVD release to include the combined theatrical presentation of the movies (meaning it has both theatrical cuts combined as one feature with a set of fake trailers seperating them, just the way it was presented in the cinemas and always intended to be viewed). Also, there are some notable differences to each film when comparing the combined theatrical version the the unrated stand alone cuts so actually owning both versions has always been important to most fans.

Nowadays (in 2010) the combined theatrical presentation is coming to Bluray in the US but it then lacks the unrated stand alone versions of each film (the way the films were cut when they were made available on DVD separately). The bluray does add a few new extras but it also lacks a couple of features from the old japanese edition. For one thing it seems the fake trailer for Machete has unexpectedly been taken out completely on the bluray version but there are also brand new commentary tracks for the other fake trailers when it comes to the BD.

As expected, in the end it all boils down to what you find most important. I still rank this edition as the best version to get as it has both the packaging and all the different cuts and the all fake trailers intact. A die hard fan might obviously want to pick up the new BD (in addition to the japanese set) for a better image quality and the new extras but overall I would still choose the japanese box set if I had to decide between the two.

As a final comment on this set, please take note of the fact that most of the menu selections on all discs are presented entirely in japanese, which can make navigating a bit tricky.

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John Burt | Location: Essex, England Posted 2011-03-23 (11:36)

Hi Oskar,
Im a graphic design student currently in my final year of university. I've followed your blog for just over a year now and i love it :).
I was wondering if you could do me a MASSIVE favour. Could it be possible to have all the measurements to this box set please. If you need a diagram drawn i will try and create one from the images you have put up.
Thanks in advance.
John :)

Samantha Vlassis | Location: Brazil Posted 2010-10-16 (17:27)

Hey, Oskar!
Thank you very much for put all this info at your website.. It really helped me a lot, because someone asked me about the contents of my new DVD box set and I was able to send the person to your website, which is great!

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