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This site is meant mainly as an informational resource as I myself sometimes find it very hard to get complete information about the rarer DVDs and box sets that I buy. And who am I, you might ask? Well, let it be known that is not the product of a big company but simply the combined efforts of two very wicked collectors.

My name is Oskar Falk and Iíve been collecting DVDs since some time around 1999 but didnít realy get into DVD-packaging until 2004. The website started out as my very own brainchild back in the day but after some time of unpractical layouts and beta-versions it was re-coded by my best friend Stefan Eriksson, who helped build the backbone of what the site is today.

Iím not doing the site for money so if anyone wants to donate money or in another way help out to keep the site going Iím all for it. The original design of the site is based on my own ideas and all the updates and documentation (featuring new box sets etc.) are still done by me alone. My friend Stefan is only part of the project as a technical support and code-wizzard as heís the brain behind all the ones and zeros that keeps the site running.


Discjunkie TV is an expanded part of but it's still in the making and hasn't really been implemented into the site yet.

For now we can just call it a youtube-channel where I show off some of my more unusual and talked about box sets. I don't keep a running update about Discjunkie TV here at but with time I'm planning to have the video-reviews included on the page of that particular box set, but we're still working on how to make that work smoothly.


Did you know that you can subscribe to this website using RSS? It's true, just add the following feed to your RSS-reader and you'll get all the news-updates you need.


Glad you asked. This site has undergone some serious changes since the startup back in... the old times (whenever that was) and I'll be quite happy to work you through the current edition.

The DATABASE holds a complete list of all the stuff I have on display and is divided into two categories at the time (The DVD sets and other stuff).

You can SEARCH for pretty much anything (movie titles, cast members, directors, box set titles, packaging and case types) simply by click the search-link in the main menu at the top of each page, and just type in the word or words you want to find. Easy piecy.

The ABOUT page tells you everything you need to know about the this website (hopefully). And if not, you can always email me with additional questions.

Each PRODUCT page (or box set page, depending on if you understand me or not) has a COMMENTS function at the bottom of the page. Here you can leave comments about pretty much anything. Don't be afraid to use it! It's great for pointing out a mistake, talking trash about the specific edition, just saying hi or whatever on your mind.

And finally, the NEWS section (the index page) shows you all the stuff that's going on at the time. Here you'll also find direct links to newly added and updated products and for what it's worth I'll try to keep your spirits up by adding new sets as fast as I can.


ALL PHOTOS shown on this site have been taken by me personally (except where stated otherwise) and I put a lot of time into the process. With this said, I hope that you'll (dispite the pictures being watermarked) keep your hands to yourself and don't steal photos and use them for your own personal gain (for Ebay auctions and what not). If you think the photos are top notch and want to use them feel free to email me and inquire about it (I read and respond to all emails).

Furthermore: I do all my work on an Apple iMac and I've never owned a PC in my life (up yours, Bill!). The photos (atleast these days) were taken with a Nikon D50 digital camera (you'll notice quite a large difference in quality between some sets but this is all because of the time span I had to work on this project and a lot of the early photos are just down right awful - well, almost).


This site is done as a private hobby and there is no financial gain or economic winning made through it at this time (I don't have any sponsors or anything).

If you like this site and want to keep it running, you can help out by donating a small sum of money (whatever amount you feel like - to be honest I don't really think there will be any submissions).

All contributions will go directly into buying new box sets (hooray!). So far, the only means of payment available is regular PayPal.

You can register for a PayPal account for free at

If anyone feels like donating a penny or two, my paypal adress is

Feel free to tell all your friends and enemies about this project and thank you for all your support.

Warmest regards


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Tyler | Location: Canada Posted 2012-11-20 (05:03)

Ouch. I just read this post now too, Nov 2012, and I somehow know what you mean about your reaction when the case fell and broke. I've had a similar experience and it's as though time is moving in slow motion, and then after the incident occurs, you sort of just stand there.

Tyler | Location: Canadaland Posted 2012-11-20 (05:00)

Finally just read this review now (Nov. 19th, 2012). I felt the same way after seeing Prometheus, many unanswered questions, which was frustrating to me. I look forward to seeing another movie or 2 that follow this and hopefully tie some things up nicely.

Posted 2012-07-05 (18:26)

Edward: I never found a replacement for it - it's much rare than I thought, but given it's age, my banged up copy is still in quite good shape (I mean it's so rare that coming across a mint condition copy is not even on the map) so I'm quite at peace with the way things are. :)

Gree | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-07-04 (16:46)

Very sad fanfic

Edward | Location: Texas Posted 2012-06-24 (22:36)

I'd DIE if something that was that rare broke, even a little bit. :) It shows me that you have great fortitude, in that it didn't shatter you. Have you been able to find replacement for this yet? Thank you for replying.

DerEchteGangster2 | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-03-03 (09:07)

awesome movie and yes i saw it along with you and your friend in super 8mm

freakshow | Location: Salzburg Posted 2012-01-17 (15:35)

Great Texas Chainsaw Collection Dude

Posted 2011-11-28 (06:29)

Marcos. You can't see a price cause they're not for sale - because this is not a store :)

Marcos | Location: Portugal Posted 2011-11-26 (20:37)

Good afternoon, I can see the price of movies and how do I make the purchase?

Posted 2011-08-14 (16:41)

Thanks Manollo :)

Manollo | Location: somewhere in Austria Posted 2011-08-05 (21:42)

great work oskar!!I like the new avatar much more than your older ones.Congratulation ;-)

Posted 2011-07-26 (12:12)

Hey James. Sorry I've been slow to respond - I just forget to check my comments I guess. As for your request I'm afraid I must decline. I currently don't own ANY Lord of The Rings editions and I don't plan to buy any sense I just plainly don't care for the movies (yeah, hard to belive but true).

James 123 | Location: United States Posted 2011-07-20 (04:31)

Dear Discjunkie,
I am a fan of your web page and I honor your DVD collection. I personally have one of my own. It isn?t nearly as big as yours but still it is honorably sized for me. Anyway I really do admire your unboxing videos, and your DVD collection itself. I personally started looking online for unboxing videos of anything Alien, Predator, Star Wars, and Inglorious Basterds. And I found several videos of those unboxings. And soon I continued to view more videos by you and I was very impressed and jealous. But I was also wondering if I could do a ?request video? for you. I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings, and I was wondering if you would do an unboxing of any or all three DVDs of the following:
? The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)
? The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)
? The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Platinum Series Special Extended Edition Collector's Gift Set)
But if you can?t find any of those box sets, or just don?t want to do them, I understand. But I have been wanting them for a long time and was going to do and unboxing video of it myself. But for me money is tight; and I thought I would try and seek help from the best. Anyway best wishes to you Oscar and I have kept up with your videos and hope you are feeling better from your chicken-pox. Take care. Var f?rsiktig man. Hoppas du m?r bra.
James Porzenski

Hugo Reis | Location: Portugal Posted 2011-06-29 (22:00)

I like your channel the way it is, simple.
Sometimes less is more.
So long ;)

Posted 2011-05-17 (05:28)

Check :)

Matthew Alton | Location: United Kingdom Posted 2011-05-06 (18:27)

Which channel are they on now? And you said "most"... which ones are gone forever?

Matthew Alton | Location: Birmingham Posted 2011-05-04 (15:35)

I miss the floating head. Nice font though :)

mystepho Posted 2011-04-09 (23:10)

Hey Joe's. The Import Forums is closed for good (or atleast for a long time), but according to crew it'll be online kept as is "forever".

Not Another John Doe Posted 2011-04-08 (13:56)

haha, ow wow, Joe, just thought of asking somewhere the same thing and since, frankly, this is the only other renowned and worthwhile place known to me for my daily portion of limited movie editions, I went here to do so.

truth be told, I'm guessing they got either servers blown one reason or the other and are probably looking for a new host. that's what I hope for at least, would be a darn shame if they would colse indifinitely.

also, maybe our Dear Host here would know of any other lively places like the (temporarily) deceased importforums? ;]

joe Posted 2011-04-03 (03:15)

Do you know what happened to It's unavailable since 1 or 2 weeks.

Posted 2011-02-02 (10:00)

G?tt :)

Marcus Posted 2011-01-20 (11:14)

Riktigt fint :) Jag fick hem min Ninth Gate edition som du tipsade om ganska nyligen, glad blev jag :D

Marcus Posted 2010-12-19 (20:49)

Har inte sett dig online p? msn p? ett tag, m?ste prata lite om diverse editioner :) Jag var den nye samlaren som du pratade med f?r ett tag sedan :P

Matthew | Location: Birmingham Posted 2010-12-12 (23:19)

Nice analogy! I hate waiting for things in the post too.

Ventish Posted 2010-12-10 (11:29)

I got my Fnac Briefcase last week, it's wonderful. Hope everything works out for you because the uk briefcase simply don't match the awesomeness of the french edition.

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2010-11-29 (15:35)

I also did some shopping today. First I ordered an INCEPTION Briefcase from Blockbuster, and then AVATAR Collector's Edition with some figure or something like that.

Posted 2010-10-29 (22:45)

Not yet no...

relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-10-28 (00:37)

Hey... did he ever write you back btw?

Trond Posted 2010-10-15 (01:21)

Or use a credit card (like Mastercard), and not a debit card. Then any transaction won't be a direct charge.

Trond Posted 2010-10-15 (01:17)

It isn't necessarily the store's fault, per se. Most stores use a payment service provider (PSP), and they use these kinds of reservation and validation transactions all the time. This have happened many times to me as well, even for items that ended up not being shipped at all. I guess the lesson is, keep atleast a certain covering amount on your card.

Hugo | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-09-29 (22:24)

That was just awesome! Let us know if David Fincher gets in touch with you.

Posted 2010-09-29 (19:03)

Thanks T! :)

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-09-25 (08:28)

Hey DJ, check out the link above. Cool movie project + collectors items!

LBFANSTi | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-09-16 (20:46)


Very nice unboxing, that batman edition is very cool, i got the Portuguese version of that one!

Very nice vids man, keep them coming :D

Plox | Location: Sk?ne Posted 2010-09-13 (13:38)

Grattis Oskar - du ?r nominerad till n?gon slags pris. :)

G?r inte att l?nka h?r, men kolla min senaste bloggpost.

relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-09-07 (06:47)

First Blood is one of my ever changing/expanding Top 10. The scenery of him running through the woods up in the hills makes me want to put on a pair of tight jeans and an army jacket & stomp into the woods in my combat boots.

relyte | Location: Canada Posted 2010-09-07 (06:42)

haha, I hear ya on the "nostalgic orgasm" description of the old LD cover art. I experienced that today. LOL

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-08-28 (12:59)

The Cars that Ate Paris/People gick p? teve f?r n?gra ?r sen, minst sagt flummig. Death Race 2000 ?r ju en annan...

Posted 2010-08-26 (10:29)

Mystepho: Yeah I remember it having a totally crazy cover but from what I heard the film wasn't nearly as interesting. Would still like to see it some day though.

Posted 2010-08-26 (10:29)

PMD: I was recommended Joy Ride buy a friend actually but I'm yet to check it out.

Bruno | Location: Portugal Posted 2010-08-23 (12:07)

What about John Carpenter's Plymouth Futy Christine? A cult classic masterpiece :)

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-20 (18:08)

The first movies that came to my mind are "Monster Man" (features: a monster truck), "Joy Ride"(features a truck) and "Maximum Overdrive" (features many trucks and other electric stuff that goes wild).

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-20 (17:20)

Just came to think about Peter Weir's weird looking debut "The Cars that Ate Paris". Havn't seen it, but Weir is a favorite director and It's on my list on important got-to-get movies..

Trond Posted 2010-08-20 (09:03)

Malfunction = having to get your player repaired, that is.

Trond Posted 2010-08-20 (09:01)

Yep, I understand that of course. Though shipping was a pretty penny, it wasn't that high an amount (I could've forked it out for you and you could've paid me later), and this player was in mint condition with original packaging and manuals.

I know you are looking for a player with auto playback of both LD sides, but I can also tell you (having had several players myself), the mechanism that alternates the laser head from top/bottom is a frequent source of malfunction. Having to get up from your couch one extra time per movie, I could live with. ;)

Posted 2010-08-20 (07:46)

Hehe. Well yeah, I really did appriciate the offer and had I lived in the same country I would have picked it up instantly. But having to pay only shipping (which tends to get quite high for such big items) still felt a bit too much when the player didn't meet the standards I was looking for. :-/

Trond Posted 2010-08-19 (23:03)

Well, you had the chance to get my old Pioneer laserdisc player for free... I just couldn't believe you didn't take it. Oh well. ;)

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-19 (07:23)

Sounds very interesting. I skipped it and went to see The Expendables instead :D

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-18 (08:54)

Och gl?m f?r allt i v?rlden loppisar och myrorna - vissa har MYCKET p? glas?gon-fronten..

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-08-18 (08:23)

Tror faktiskt en del optiker har begagnade b?gar i g?mmorna. Hittade denna (se l?nken) vid en snabb Googling: Vi har ?ven en Vintage-kollektion d?r det finns b?de begagnade och nya b?gar som vi gjort en fullst?ndig service p?. Detta ?r n?got f?r dig som vill f?rst?rka det du redan ?r ? UNIK!

Posted 2010-08-18 (07:20)

You're gonna need a blood slides box of your own pretty soon, Nic ;)

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-15 (08:48)

I liked it, but wasn't as impressed as I where with the original. One hard movie to make a sequel to.

Mystepho Posted 2010-08-15 (08:40)

Haha, nice last comment :) 'Cause you're gonna snap, that's for sure :P

Nic | Location: USA Posted 2010-08-13 (18:54)

Man I just started watching Dexter myself! Finished season 1 in 3 days, I'm now officially addicted!

The evidence bag editions sounds pretty cool, need to look out for some of those.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-11 (00:02)

That's right. If you watch this movie without the expectation that it has to be as good as the first one, it's really fun to see the saints return to kick som' ass. I really liked it and as you said, much new parts of the background story from the characters is revealed. For me, in maybe ten years (again) i would like to see a 3rd movie if it's made with the same passion as this one.

freakshow | Location: Austria Posted 2010-08-10 (17:13)

I ordered at

Ronnie | Location: Sweden Posted 2010-08-07 (12:12)

You can get them from, for like 18 GBP together and with free shipping. Don?t now if the send "gadgets", cant find that information.

steve | Location: UK Posted 2010-08-06 (14:24)

I pre-ordered mine thankfully.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-05 (22:13)

nearly the same situation here in Germany. Different german internet shops listed the "Alien Egg" and after a few hours it was "sold out" or completely erased from the shop's page. Yesterday at there was another chance to pre-order the "Egg" and today it's sold out again, but still listed.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-04 (00:40)

It's a nice kind of curiosity to have and i also think they look quite nice (especially the Transformers 2 version) in matters of the style of their presentation.

PMD | Location: Germany Posted 2010-08-01 (09:15)

- Some changes to the old logo to show your actual style and keeping the type of design would be a good agreement.

- Or How about a Black & White Pop Art Style Logo of yourself (or your head)?

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-31 (20:14)

You know, the discjunkie pops out from a package...

Posted 2010-07-31 (15:53)

Really??? How so???

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-31 (11:35)

What first comes to mind is jack in a box, but that might be far too obvious.

Posted 2010-07-29 (20:46)

WTF!? You knew about this!? ;D

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-28 (13:19)

Glaskroppsavlossning? Det ?r jobbigt med alla maskar som dansar framf?r sn?n p? vintern...

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-28 (06:23)

Check out "1984 Pioneer Laserdisc demo with Devo" on YouTube!

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-27 (19:55)

Sounds cool!

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-07-19 (13:55)

It's the heat, man... and by the way, it's "thought" :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-07-16 (19:34)

I'm gonna take good care of you! Be so sure.. And no Ebay at all, I promise :) You can shop on my shelfs :P

Mystepho Posted 2010-07-14 (13:03)

Hate to tell you "I told you so", but.. I told you so :D (that Heat is good :P)

Posted 2010-07-11 (22:06)

THAT'S why it looked so weird! I thaught ti looked strange but couldn't understand why. HAHA! Must have fried my brain indeed. LOL!

Trond | Location: North Pole Posted 2010-07-11 (17:54)

The heat fried your brain, his name is spelled Pacino... ;)

Plox | Location: Schw?den Posted 2010-06-20 (21:06)

Fantastisk! Nu snackar vi cutom-case! :)

Posted 2010-06-08 (11:01)

Ooooh, viva la France! :D

Mystepho Posted 2010-06-01 (07:04)

Nice box from Opiumaddict! Guess I got some competetion in giving you great stuff :D Better pick something amazing up in France later this week!

Mystepho Posted 2010-05-19 (05:15)

Congrats mate, you deserve it!

Nicola | Location: UK Posted 2010-05-17 (16:26)

Congratulations on getting 1000 + subs :-)

Posted 2010-05-08 (20:45)

He will be missed in more ways than one.

Posted 2010-05-08 (20:45)

Glad to hear it :)

jonathan Posted 2010-05-02 (16:38)

I'll of course watch the show if you do it:)

jonathan Posted 2010-05-02 (16:37)

It sucks that BookhouseBoy had to close his channel

Samir | Location: Australia Posted 2010-04-23 (11:46)


Re: Last Supper.

I was actually hunting for my own copy, but the hunt only lasted 5 minutes as it is for sale at the director's website.

bigertbergstrom dot com/shop dot html

enjoy :)

Posted 2010-04-17 (12:07)

Thank you, Nicola :)

Nicola | Location: Northern Ireland Posted 2010-04-14 (19:21)

You and mizpol are cool youtubers looking forward to seeing the videos.

jonathan Posted 2010-04-13 (16:31)

Mizpol actually send me a Danny Boyle box set just because I'm a fan, so that was pretty cool :)

Posted 2010-04-10 (19:43)

A mutual win :)

Martin Posted 2010-04-10 (08:54)

Win :)

cool story Posted 2010-03-21 (11:15)


owUVovQsKhcMU | Location: kgVHVVFYHHl Posted 2010-03-10 (21:20)


Mystepho Posted 2010-02-18 (19:51)

I was just thinking that it would be something like two years around now.. Congrats to the both of us :D

Posted 2010-02-03 (17:26)

Mystepho: I know! :D I was actually planning to mention it next time we spoke - just to see if you were in fact following it. Can't wait to see the movie :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-02-03 (16:59)

I havn't actually told you, but since the first days when I got my iphone I have been listening to the Tobolowsky files and man is he great! Can't wait for friday! (that's when the podcast is updated)

Posted 2010-01-23 (22:08)

Trond: Haha, thanks man! :D

Trond Posted 2010-01-19 (01:31)

If I had any money, I'd give it all to you.

Posted 2010-01-17 (10:27)

Mystepho: Aaaaaah, my best friend and DVD-mentor/psychologist. You know I'll never forget how much you've been apart of this project :)

Mystepho Posted 2010-01-15 (15:51)

I'm a fan to that only invest time and effort into your project :) Looking forward to see what you'll buy next...

Posted 2010-01-13 (10:55)

Kevin: Hmmm. That's strange. Well I had to add the discjunkie-adress upon recieving your payment so apparently that wasn't my regular adress either. Either way it worked out in the end. :)

Kevin | Location: UK Posted 2010-01-11 (13:00)

You are very welcome Oskar, I always enjoy watching your unique dvd reviews.
By the way your donation email is in fact and not (this one didn't work)

Keep up the great reviews.


Mystepho Posted 2009-12-27 (18:28)

Merry christmas you too, my favorite junkie!

Ventish Posted 2009-12-23 (17:50)

Merry X-mas!

Hugo Reis | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-12-11 (10:42)

Cool videos :P did you bought anything there?

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2009-12-04 (20:10)

lol - good to hear - fill me in on sunday

Posted 2009-12-01 (15:20)

It's a very mixed job but I'll mainly be working in a reception and also as something of a janitor - making sure things run smoothly at the office - just a general fixing kinda guy.

Matthew Posted 2009-12-01 (14:17)

Yay! What kind of work is it?

Jogalac | Location: U.S.A Posted 2009-11-29 (21:46)

That is AWESOME news.Grats

Posted 2009-11-01 (16:34)

Jonathan: Haha. No, I just liked the title :)

Mystepho Posted 2009-10-31 (22:19)

I'm a fan :)

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2009-10-29 (21:34)

Is it a 28 Days Later set? :O

Awesome, want to see!

Matthew | Location: Birmingham Posted 2009-10-27 (01:13)

Oooh, you're on Facebook. Can we add you?

meatstain | Location: usa Posted 2009-10-06 (10:15)

Its "strapped for cash" not "scrapped for cash"

F'n wicked collection by the way!

Posted 2009-10-06 (09:32)

Sorry, Jonh. But that would just result in more moaning.

Jonh | Location: UK Posted 2009-10-03 (13:15)

Need money? sell your collection and stop moaning.

Posted 2009-09-30 (17:02)

Thanks, Mizpol. It's not easy to find work doing the things you love doing. Still, we get by somehow.

mizpol Posted 2009-09-29 (23:56)

Someone with your passion and obvious skills and adaptability should not be out of work.. That sucks..

Jonathan Posted 2009-09-26 (14:14)

District 9 is AWESOME! Love it.

I'm broke too...

Bruno | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-09-19 (11:33)

Hi oskar.

If you want a good movie with some mysterys and twists i recomend some interesting movies that i have seen recently:

- TESIS (Alejandro Amenabar)

- PARA ENTRAR A VIVIR (Jaume Balaguer?)

- ILS (David Moreau & Xavier Palud)

Best Regards

Hugo | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-08-19 (12:52)

I saw a little bit and i enjoyed it ;)

Tomas | Location: Schweden Posted 2009-08-14 (15:09)

Finally! And hey, I didn't notice you had a news feed until now. Wohooo!

Brunomec | Location: Portugal Posted 2009-08-07 (12:26)

Hi ;)

OK, it's part of some australian colletion but it's very cool. I like the art cover and the digi inside.

It's unpleased don't been provided the correct information about the item. I keep waiting my 4-disc LE.

Keep going and regards.

Mystepho Posted 2009-08-07 (10:35)


Mystepho Posted 2009-08-06 (17:34)

I'm holding my thumbs and everything else in order for you to get a great job! To sheer you up I finished this comment section today :D

Hope you enjoy...

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