The Blair Witch Project | Woolworths Exclusive | Special Edition Box Set

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» United Kingdom

» 5060002830697 (box)
» 5060002830666 (keepcase)

» Pathé! Distribution

» 1 Disc
» Keepcase
» The Blair Witch Project by D.A. Stern
(191 page dossier)
» Cardboard Box

» Unkwown amount

Out of Print
» Yes

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» Yes

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 Disc 1

» The Blair Witch Project (movie)
» Audio Commentary
» Curse of the Blair Witch
» Newly Discovered footage
» Fear : interviews
» Interviews with director and producer
» Teaser trailer
» Theatrical Trailers
» TV spots
» Mythology
» Cast & Crew Biographies
» DVD-rom features

» DVD, R2, PAL

» 4:3 Non-Anamorphic (Open Matte without borders)

» English DD 2.0

» English HoH

 Movie Details

Original Title
» The Blair Witch Project

» 1999

» Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sánchez

» Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard, Michael C. Williams, Bob Griffith, Jim King, Sandra Sánchez, Ed Swanson, Patricia DeCou, Mark Mason, Jackie Hallex


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Packaging / Design

This box set was apparently a Woolworths exclusive set released back in the year 2000. In the fineprint there's a line that reads "PACKAGING COPYRIGHT © 2000 Pathé Distribution Limited" and there's also a printed internet adress to the Pathé website.

The box is very thick and sturdy but it comes with the same kind of "paper" support pieces as these boxes usually do and that part never works out. But anyhow; the box is of good quality. And inside we get a copy of D.A. Stern Book along with the regular keepcase release of the film.

And that's it. Not extremely impressive but a very well done box set with a very nice horizontal design to it.

Disc contents / Extras

Nothing to special here but we get the same features as everyone alls. But it's a pretty nice line up with commentary track and a number of interesting featurettes. All in all, one of the best releases out there but not quite as well packed as one would hope.


This set has been presented as both a DVD and a VHS box set. The easiest way to tell the two apart is buy checking the front cover of the box, as the DVD version comes with the typical white DVD-logo on it, while the VHS box set is all black in that corner.

The standard keepcase is available on it's own but it appears that there are TWO version of the keepcase. The both have the same barcode but the second one comes without artwork on the inside of the case, and also lacks the disc-art seen on this release. At this point I'm not sure if the keepcase and discart in my box set are exclusive to this set or if they're also available on there own.

A special thanks to Matthew Alton who supplied me with the following photos of the alternate design for the standard release: Front, Back, Inside and Disc.

Last but not least, a special note goes out to Andy Davis, who confirms that this box set was in fact a Woolworths exclusive box set released 23 October 2000.

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Posted 2009-09-12 (21:53)

Dear Andy. This is extremely interesting news. Thank you so much for sharing! I'll be sure to add this info to the page right away :)

Andy Davies | Location: Johnstone, Scorland Posted 2009-09-04 (22:30)

Hi, I just discovered your site. I watched your video with avid interest. Im a big buff just like you and collect a lot of specials. I can confirm to you this was a Woolworths Exclusive box set released 23 October 2000. I own it myself. My box has a sticker on it which says "Exclusive Box Set / includes the DVD Video And 192 Page Book 'THE BLAIR WITCH DOSSIER' - The Complete History Of The Blair Witch".

Robert Beardsley Posted 2009-03-09 (14:32)

I'm pretty sure that Pathe release a lower price budget version of this hence the reason why there is no disc art or inside artwork on the alternate release

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