The Straight Story | Transparent Edition

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» 1 Disc
» Keepcase with Plastic Insert
» Mini Poster / Foldout Map
» Booklet

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 Disc 1

» The Straight Story (movie)
» Full Length Soundtrack (yep, it's all here!)
» Alvin & Richard's Facts (text - in Korean)
» Photo Gallery
» Cast & Crew Info
» Theatrical Trailer
» Bonus Trailers
» Scene Selection (!)


2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1

English, Korean, Japanese

 Movie Details

Original Title
The Straight Story


David Lynch

Richard Farnsworth, Sissy Spacek, Jane Galloway Heitz, Joseph A. Carpenter


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Packaging / Design

A six? Well, yeah, I can't really motivate my self to give it more than a six. After all, we ARE talking about a keepcase. This is how it works; instead of a paper-sleeve insert for the cover-art, they have a thin plastic insert which has been left transparent on part of the front cover (the black siluettes are there, the orange sky is NOT!). The booklet inside the case then works as a colourful background sky for the black siluette of Alvin and his truck. The title on the front cover is also printed on the transparent sleeve but this is done in silver or "chrome-like" writing so it reflects the light like a prism. Oh, all so clever, isn't it?

But that's really all there is to it! There's nothing to special going on here if we just remove the plastic insert-sleeve (and then we're really just talking about a nice looking cover-design, aren't we?). But in any case, this one DOES stand out from all the other releases of this film. And as far as keepcase-ideas go, I think this is a pretty cool and unique looking case.

Apart from the look of the case, this editions also comes with a booklet and a fold-out map that marks out Alvin's trip. It's not coolest package to date but this case does kick a little ass in comparison to all the other keepcases out there.

Disc contents / Extras

Sorry to repeat myself but as I said, this isn't the coolest package to date. Checking the disc out I'm happy to report that the Koreans have designed this one with the option to choose between an english menu OR a korean one (Huh!). The menu design is OK but not far above standard.

Looking at the extras we get a pretty slim lineup but this does seem to be a lot better than other editions available. The major plus on this little disc is the soundtrack. I don't know about the soundquality of it but they did manage to squeeze in the entire soundtrack here so I guess that separates this disc from all the others. Next up is a photo gallery and some cast and crew info. Pretty regular extras and not much to investigate further.

As I said before this disc comes with a choice of either korean or english menu system. This choice is made when you first start up the disc. After flipping through the english menu I was surprised to find that the Alvin & Richard's facts noted on the cover didn't apear among the special features inside (Hm, that's odd). On a wild hunch I tried reloading the disc and choosing the korean menu instead of the english one. And sure enough, the feature now appeared among the extras (which we're still listed in english I might add). Depressingly enough, this feature was just a text based feature with some info on the characters and as you may have guest, they were written in korean. Out of boredom or curiosity (can't remember which) I flipped through the entire korean menu to see if they hid anything else in there. The korean menus looked exactly the same except for the text so it was quite easy to navigate anyway. When on the english menu I noticed that the menu actually had an option to access SCENE SELECTION (!) - For those of you who are not familuar with director David Lynch I can just sum it up by saying that he really doesn't like scene selection and never puts it on his dvds (he feels that a movie should be seen from start ti finnish and jada jada jada). But entering this menu gave a bit of a laugh as it just allowed access to a sub menu page that reads "I know that most DVDs have chapter stops. It is my opinion that a film is not like a book. It should not be broken up. It is a continuum and should be seen as such. Thank you for understanding. - David Lynch" (!). It's just great to see this kind of gag when you're not expecting it (plus I've never really cared for chapter stops either, atleast not as a must in menu form so what the hell).

Now, I do know that most dvds DO have chapter stops and I also know that I wrote that this one DOES when I listed the special features above. But the truth is that this dvd DOES HAVE THEM (!). But they're "hidden" over in the korean menu :) . If you select korean when loading the disc and then access the chapter-menu from there, 24 chapter stops comes up. I don't know how this works because I noticed that you can't switch chapter using the remote control, but if you go via the korean menu you CAN go to a specific scene.

But then we ran out of noteable features and are left with a theatrical trailer and som trailers for other films. All in all; This IS the best edition I've seen of this film so far but it's really not much to cheer for.

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