Enter The Matrix | Promotional Attaché Case | Limited Edition

 Product Details

Product Type
» Entertainment Memorabilia

» United Kingdom

» None (Attaché Case)
» 7321900177375 (dvd snapcase)
» 093624739029 (soundtrack digipack)

» Warner Bros / Samsung (?)

» 1 The Matrix dvd (R2UK)
» 1 Foldout Snapcase (for the movie)
» 2 Digipacks (for the soundtrack / showcase)
» Official Matrix sunglasses (with sleeve)
» Soundtrack CD
» Enter The Matrix official showcase dvd
» Numbered Certificate
» Limited Edition Attaché Case
» Keys (attaché case is lockable)

» 5000 copies (numbered)

Out of Print
» Yes

Still in Collection
» Yes

Purchased At
» www.ebay.co.uk

 Disc 1

» The Matrix (movie)
» Cast And Crew Info (text)
» DVD-Rom Contents
» - Trailers
» - Essays
» - Weblinks
» - Games
» HBO First Look: Making The Matrix (26m)
» Follow the White Rabbit (22m)
» What Is Bullet Time? (06m) (easter egg)
» What Is The Concept? (11m) (easter egg)

» DVD, R2, PAL

» 2.35:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1

» English HoH

 Disc 2

» 01. Rock Is Dead - Marilyn Manson
» 02. Spybreak! (Short One) - Propellerheads
» 03. Bad Blood - Ministry
» 04. Clubbed to Death - Rob Dougan
» 05. Prime Audio Soup - Meat Beat Manifesto
» 06. Leave You Far Behind - Lunatic Calm
» 07. Mindfields - The Prodigy
» 08. Dragula - Rob Zombie
» 09. My Own Summer (Shove It) - Deftones
» 10. Ultrasonic Sound - Hive
» 11. Look to Your Orb for the Warning - Monster Magnet
» 12. Hast - Rammstein
» 13. Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine

» CD, Soundtrack

 Disc 3

» Enter The Matrix Showcase (20m 11s)
» - Enter The Matrix (Video Game) Trailer
» - Enter The Matrix: Making The Video
» - The Animatrix: A Detective Story (10m)
» - Video Game Cheat Codes
» - Enter The Matrix TV ad

» DVD, R2, PAL

» None

 Movie Details

Short info
» Original Title: The Matrix (1999)
» Directed by: Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski

Short info
» Original Title: Enter The Matrix (Video Game) (2003)
» Directed by: Andy Wachowski, Larry Wachowski

Short info
» Original Title: The Animatrix: A Detective Story (2003)
» Directed by: Shinichirô Watanabe

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This box set is actually way cooler than I thaught and the attaché case is really high quality.

This is of course not a standard size attaché case (I mean it's not as big as your regular briefcase - as you can see on the overhead shot at the end if you think about it). However, all the little bolts and the hinges and the locks are just superb.

The only thing missing I think would be some kind of out outer logo for the attaché case itself as it's insanely anonymous once you put it on the shelf.

The glasses are also quite cool and they certainly look good even if you try them on for size.

The film comes in it's standard snapcase, but atleast it's the rather unusual fold-out type snapcase that you don't seem to see to often.

The soundtrack comes with it's own full size digipack (which I assume is exclusively designed for this set as I've never seen a soundtrack released in this way by itself) which feels really luxorious.

The Enter The Matrix showcase dvd is in a digipack as well and together with the snapcase and the soundtrack digi, they all fit supersmooth in the included glossy styl cardboard box.

All in all, this set is awesome and I doubt it will dissapoint any fan of the film (or anyone else for that matter).

Disc contents / Extras

The Matrix dvd included with this set is standard UK region 2 release. And if you don't know this allready, it should be mentioned that this dvd has the movie slightly cut by the BBFC to eliminate the use of headbutting in the subway fight scene between Neo and Agent Smith, and also in the bathroom fight scene with Morpheus and Agent Smith.

The cuts we're made so the film could get an age 15 certificate in the UK (and thus reach a wider audience). The cuts amount to around 10 or 15 seconds in total and as a direct result of these cuts the original audio commentary and isolated score we're obviously out of sync and we're taken of this dvd. (Most other releases of the film are fully uncut and include the audio commentary and the isolated score).

With this said, the special features on the movie disc amount to very little (I mean without the commentary, it's a pretty slim lineup).

On the plus side, this set comes with the original matrix soundtrack CD, which is a great piece of filmscore.

And furthermore we have the Enter The Matrix showcase dvd, which includes a few extra goodies surrounding the Enter The Matrix videogame.

However, the showcase dvd has no menus, no chapter stops and no way of navigating. The contents listed for the showcase are just a rundown of what's included as it's actually all in one chapter (!).


This set was a promotional limited edition given out to promote the release of the Enter The Matrix videogame. And thus, this limited edition was not sold in stores.

Be sure to note that this set does not include the full videogame but rather just a preview dvd to promote it.

Furthermore: The film has been cut by 10-15 seconds by the BBFC to recieve an age 15 rating (the dvd included is the same release as the standard R2UK dvd).

Being a promo release, this set has no barcode on it. But obviously some of the contents do - namely the matrix R2UK dvd (7321900177375) and the included soundtrack CD (093624739029).

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