The Texas Chain Saw Massacre | Ultimate Collector's Edition | Limited Steelbook

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» 2 Discs
» Steelbook
» 12 page Booklet

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 Disc 1

» The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (movie)
» Audio Commentary by cast members Marilyn Burns, Paul A. Partain, Allen Danziger and production designer Robert A. Burns
» Audio Commentary by actor Gunnar Hansen, cinematographer Daniel Pearl and director Tobe Hooper
» A Family Portrait documantary (60m 27s)


1.77:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1
» English DD 2.0 mono

Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian

 Disc 2

» The Shocking Truth documentary (72m 49s)
» Flesh Wounds documentary (71m 41s)
» House Tour With Gunnar Hansen (08m 02s)
» Trailers & TV-spots
» - Original Trailer
» - Original TV-spot
» - Re-release Trailer
» - Re-release TV-spot
» - Radio spots
» Outtakes (actually deleted/alternate footage)
» - Van (01m 22s)
» - Campsite (01m 25s) (no audio)
» - Outside Gas Station (01m 27s) (no audio)
» - Make Up (01m 49s) (no audio)
» - Hitchhiker's Death (40s) (no audio)
» - Sally's Escape (29s) (no audio)
» - Corpse (01m 19s) (no audio)
» - Original Opening Sequence (24s) (no audio)
» - Sally In The Gas Station (02m 44s)
» - Blooper Reel (02m 20s)
» - Props & Set (06m 25s)
» - Shocking Truth Outtakes (07m 40s) (no audio)
» Stills (slideshow) (01m 59s)
» Quality Comparison (04m 03s)



 Movie Details

Original Title
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Alternate Title
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


Tobe Hooper

Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain, William Vail, Teri McMinn, Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow, Gunnar Hansen, John Dugan, Robert Courtin, William Creamer, John Henry Faulk, Jerry Green, Ed Guinn, Joe Bill Hogan


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This is an absolutely beautiful steelbook despite the rather plain design for the inside. Apart from a couple of review-qoutes the overall look feels somewhat clean and I think they did a pretty good job here. Also, a bigplus for all the regular backcover stuff being printed on a big sticker as apposed to directly on the case.

(BTW: You'll notice some scratches at the bottom on the case - both on the front and the back. These are of course part of the design and NOT a bad case of steelbook damages)

Disc contents / Extras

This edition has been restored and remastered and (I'm guessing) looks pretty much like the R1 ultimate edition (also in a steelbook). There's a bunch of interesting extras including several lengthy documentaries.

The documentaries are the big payoff here and after sitting through a little over 3 hours worth of interviews and such I must say that I feel pretty damn satisfied.

As for the deleted and/or alternate footage (or "outtakes" as they've so suspiciously called it) it's a rather mixed bag. There's some good moments and some bad ones but what strikes me as the oddest part is that the final selection on the list - simply entitled "Shocking Truth Outtakes" is completely free of audio (!!!).

Granted, there's a lot of missing audio on the other footage in this section as well but that's on really really old behind the scenes clips and stuff like that. The Shocking Truth footage is completely new in comparison, and quite frankly the most pointless outtakes reel I've ever seen. I mean these are interview outtakes for crying out loud! And you have no idea what they're saying!? I mean what the fuck is that?! All we get is a bunch of people talking and all of the sudden we see them laughing but we have no idea what they're laughing about.

So what the fuck happened here? To be honest I'm starting to think that the missing audio on the Shocking Truth outtakes is actually a production error... cause I can't see anyone in there right mind including this as an extra without having the audio track intact.

But anyway, this is still a great edition and I doubt you'll be wanting to much more after you've gone through all that documentary footage.

(And yeah, the film looks pretty good too)


The original plastic seal (see photos number 2-4) comes with a large semi-transparent sticker (on the OUTSIDE!) featuring specs and all that stuff. This is the only place where the product barcode appears and it is not presented anywhere on the actual steelbook.

This release was replaced with an identical cover keepcase with most stores not taking note of the difference.

 Visitors Comments

Scott | Location: Cambridge UK Posted 2011-04-19 (18:32)

Great looking steelbox, if anyone has one of these for sale please let me know.

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2009-02-20 (20:47)

This is a great release

Have it too

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