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Entertainment Memorabilia


None (kit)
» 074711747363 (stapler)

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» Red Swingline Stapler (see sidenotes)
» Initech Coffee Mug
» Initech Mouse Pad
» Initech Post-it Notes
» Flair Button

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Office Space


Mike Judge

Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Diedrich Bader, Stephen Root, Gary Cole, Richard Riehle, Alexandra Wentworth, John C. McGinley, Paul Willson, Kinna McInroe


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Interest / Design

This fan kit is a really good choice for anyone who's looking for a somewhat complete package. The stapler is of course one of your main attractions and as this is an official Swingline and none of that cheap knock-off crap (like the one found in the BestBuy exclusive gift set for intance) you KNOW you're getting top quality with this one.

The stapler is made from metal and thus quite heavy. This is of course a plus and it really makes for a very powerful feel when it comes to stapler quality (I can't believe I'm writing all this about a stapler).

The mousepad is the thin slick type with the somewhat laminated easy-to-clean style surface. The Initech logo is quite detailed and looks totally spot on. Getting a customized mouse pad is not very difficult these days but I still feel that this one is a great example of a good quality memorabelia (and I think you'd have a really hard time getting a result as good as this if you tried to custom make one of these on your own).

The mug is supposedly screen-printed (according to distributor) and looks just as good as anyone could've hoped. The printing is close to perfect and the mug itself is big and classy.

The post it notes are simple yet stylish (personally I could have done without the "work sucks" printing to give it a more realistic look but I guess it does the job anyway).

Last but not least there's the flair button. The printing looks slightly better than it does on the photos and feels overall very accurate in comparison to the original thing.

All in all I'm rather thrilled about this set even though there's no box and the price tag was a bit to high if you ask me (had there been a box I would probably have given it a perfect 10, dispite the minor issue with the stapler - see below for details).


This kit is basically just a combo-offer, so there's no outer presentation box or classy packaging. All the items are shipped as they are, packaged in your standard cardboard box.

The original red swingline stapler seen in the film Office Space is actually a Swingline model 646. However, the 646 was never available in red so the stapler was painted red by the moviemakers themselves and thus became one of a kind.

After the films release Swingline started getting a whole bunch of calls from people who wanted to buy the red stapler. This eventually caused them to re-introduce a red Swingline model in 2002. The new model was the 747 (the kind included with this set), and this is the explanation for why the red stapler looks slightly different from the one seen in the original film.

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stfn Posted 2008-06-02 (08:58)

This is cool stuff. Off to as soon my next paycheck arrives...

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