Banksy & Danger Mouse: Paris Hilton | Bootleg | Limited Edition | 2nd Pressing

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766485527073 (see sidenotes)

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Paris Hilton

Banksy & Danger Mouse



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(please read the sidenotes for the full story).

This 2nd pressing is seemingly identical to the 500 initial copies but it replaces the classic promo sticker (by Banksy), listing the three fake tracks "Why Am I Famous?" "What Have I Done?" and "What Am I For?" with a smaller print in the opposite corner (with exactly the same text, but now just printed on the insert as part of the artwork). The second pressing also misses out on the actual Paris album (by the real Paris Hilton) cardboard sleeve that appeared on the album when it was first released.

The artwork contains a number of retouched images by Banksy in which Paris Hilton is ridiculed with bylines like "90% of success is just showing up", "Every time someone asks me how I am I hesitate for a little bit too long" and "Every CD you buy puts me even further out of your league". This doctored artwork booklet appears to be exactly the same as it was on the initial 500 copies.

It should be noted that the disc-art has been picture labeled this time around, while on the original copies it was simply a white home made disc with the word "Paris" (or occasionally "Paris Hilton") handwritten with a black magic marker on it.

Dispite the case being a regular jewel case and not very fancy-looking, I'm rating this a pure eight for the unforgetable artwork and the overall concept alone.

Disc contents / Extras

The original 500 copies we're CD-R as far as I know, but this second pressings seems a lot more factory made as it's both picture labeled and also adds "BANKSY001" printed on the disc hub (on the down side).

The content of this disc is exactly the same as the first pressing, with a single 40 min track and nothing more. The music is commonly credited to the artist Danger Mouse (though it's not explicitly mentioned anywhere on this release). The track itself is usually listed as being untitled but it's also commonly referred to as "That's Hot" (as this classic Paris Hilton quote is dubbed quite frequently during the track).

As a curious sidenote: My copy has the track listed as "1 Disk 5" and the Audio CD is listed simply as "Paris Hilton" when I pop it into my computer.

Based on the absurdity of it all and the fact that the music itself is quite well made IMO I'm gonna give this oddity a pure 6 on the scoreboard. This might seem low (?) but I'm basing this purely on the fact that the track doesn't really add upp to a full length album ( has never been about rating the music as such, I just look at the technical aspects).


In 2006, British street artist Banksy collaborated with the music producer Danger Mouse on this highly unusual release.

It all started with one of Banksy's classic and most memorable stunts, in which 500 fake copies of Paris Hilton's debut album Paris we're smuggled into 42 record stores in the UK and sold off as the real thing.

The album inserts contained photoshoped artwork by Banksy in which classic images of Paris Hilton had been retouched and tampered with (showing her topless on the album cover for one). The disc itself was a homemade CD-R (hand signed with a black marker) containing a 40 min track of eltronic drum and bass like material and classic quotes by Paris (taken from the TV-show Simple Life) that have been dubbed over it.

As much as 500 copies were made for the initial prank and when the stunt was first discovered some of the initial copies sold for as much as 750 USD on the second hand market (and today the prices go even higher). Shortly there after a second pressing was produced (which is the one on display here) but I'm not sure how these were originally distributed (but I can assure you they weren't put out in stores like the first time around).

Being an unofficial release and by common standards a typical bootleg, this issue has no barcode of it's own printed on it. However, the doctored cover art (on both pressings) still includes the original Paris Hilton album (Paris) barcode (093624413820).

My copy was sealed and actually had a brand new barcode sticker on it. The new sticker was placed on the outside of the plastic seal and it reads "766485527073" and tags the CD with the name "Paris", by artist Paris Hilton. From what I can tell, this barcode seems to be the only barcode that matches up with the Banksy/Danger Mouse release rather then with the actual Paris Hilton CD.

Rumors claim the second pressing to be limited to around 1000 copies but I havn't found any official info to confirm this claim.

For a shot of the original 500 copies CD, check out this flickr-album.

And anyone who diggs this stuff as much as I do will certainly want to check out this classic youtube clip as well.

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