Anna Ternheim: Leaving On A Mayday | Limited Edition

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Universal Music AB

» 2 Discs (CDs)
» 20 Page Booklet
» 5 Art Cards
» Foldout Cardboard Sleeve
» Outer Cardboard Box
» Bonus CD Single (Escape Into My Arms) in cardboard sleeve

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 Disc 1

Tracklisting (Leaving On A Mayday)
» 01. What Have I Done (03m 24s)
» 02. Damaged Ones (03m 09s)
» 03. Terrified (04m 45s)
» 04. Let It Rain (04m 56s)
» 05. My Heart Still Beats For You (04m 30s)
» 06. No, I Don't Remember (03m 56s)
» 07. Summer Rain (03m 58s)
» 08. Losing You (03m 39s)
» 09. Off The Road (03m 58s)
» 10. Black Sunday Afternoon (04m 38s)

CD, Audio

 Disc 2

Tracklisting (Sings Sinatra)
» 01. New York, New York (03m 01s)
» 02. Come Fly With Me (03m 40s)
» 03. Fly Me To The Moon (03m 51s)
» 04. That's Life (03m 53s)
» 05. Strangers In The Night (06m 53s)

CD, Audio

 Disc 3

Tracklisting (Escape Into My Arms)
» 01. Escape Into My Arms (04m 06s)

CD, Audio

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Original Title
Leaving On A Mayday

Anna Ternheim



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Packaging / Design

This set includes a number of goodies and comes in a thick and sturdy cardboard box. The overall design is very consistent and well done.

The art cards seem sort of odd at first glance when you get the feeling that three of them are the same. But if you look closely you'll notice that the Anna and the little monkey girl are in different poses (not very exciting but still a nice touch overall).

The 20 page booklet has lyrics and a bit of photos while the discs are presented in a foldout cardboard sleeve. Oddly enough the discs can be accessed through the ends and not just through the middle where the cutouts are located (see image #9).

Last but not least we got the preorder bonus single Escape Into My Arms presented in a simple cardboard sleeve.

All in all a pretty nice set and clearly the best version of this album so far.

Disc contents / Extras

This limited edition comes with a bonus disc of Anna Ternheim singing songs by Frank Sinatra. This is quite a nice bonus and adds five tracks to the total running time.

Anyone who preordered this set will also get an exclusive CD single but this is just a one track disc so it doesn't really add THAT much to it.

All in all the total running time adds up to 66m 11s which is okay but seeing as it could easily have been fitted into a single disc I can't rate it to much higher than I would a regular full length album.

I will give it a bit of extra credit for the fact that both Sings Sinatra and Escape Into My Arms are exclusive to this limited edition.


The bonus disc single entitled Escape Into My Arms was only included with preordered copies (included with both the limited edition box and the standard album version) and was simply shipped with it (it was never packaged within the Leaving on a Mayday box, but rather just packaged as a combo thing within it's own simple white sleeve).

At this point in time niether the Escape Into My Arms disc or the Sings Sinatra disc seem to be available on their own. There obviously a standard release of Leaving on a Mayday but this only includes the first disc in this set.

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