Captivity | Special Edition | Limited Steelcase with sand

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» Netherlands

» 8715664051986

» Dutch Filmworks

» 2 Discs
» Special Steelcase (with sand)

» Unknown amount

Out of Print
» No

Still in Collection
» Yes

 Disc 1

» Start-up Trailer (forced dutch subs)
(can be skipped)
» - Saw IV
» - 30 Days of Night
» - The Mist
» Captivity (movie)
» Bonus Trailers (same as above)

» DVD, R0, PAL

» 2.35:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1
» English DTS 5.1

» Dutch (optional)

 Disc 2

» Liner Notes (5 pages, in dutch)
» Photo Gallery (10 images)
» Film Clips
» - Jennifer is Buried in Sand (44s)
» - Jennifer Discovers Gary (56s)
» - Locker Number 4 (01m 40s)
» - The Killer Terrorizes Jennifer (01m 03s)
» - Jennifer and Gary Try to Escape (01m 04s)
» - Jennifer Tries to Escape Through The Ventilation Duct (47s)
» Behind The Scenes (06m 43s)
» Interview Cast & Crew
» - Roland Joffé (11m 19s)
» - Elisha Cuthbert (03m 39s)
» - Daniel Gillies (05m 09s)
» - Mark Damon (03m 47s)
» - Addis Gadzhiev (02m 13s)
» - Sergei Konov (01m 59s)
» - Leonid Minkowski (03m 42s)
» Bonus Trailers
» - Captivity
» - The Mist
» - Saw III
» - 30 Days of Night
» - Saw IV
» - Rambo

» DVD, R0, PAL

» Dutch (optional)

 Movie Details

Original Title
» Captivity

» 2007

» Roland Joffé

» Elisha Cuthbert, Daniel Gillies, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Michael Harney, Laz Alonso, Maggie Damon, Chrysta Olson, Carl Paoli, Trent Broin


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This is one wicked idea in terms of steelbook-designs but it's not quite as well presented as I had hoped. The disc is presented in a sort of steelbook/steelcase-combo and a big cutout in the front cover, where the plastic bag of sand has been glued in.

Now, the plastic bag is quite soft, which isn't really a problem but the grains of sand are just a bit too big as they tend to get lodged into narrow corners and such, which creates a lot of dents and marks on the plastic from within.

You'll probably notice the embossed curves of Elisha Cuthbert burried within the sand and this is obviously the main attraction of this release. The detailing feels quite nice on this part, even though the inside of the steel tends to buldge inward a bit due to the bag of sand being a little to big for the compartment.

The overall case looks quite good anyway, and even if the sand would have been better if it hade been done with smaller grains I still find this to be quite a fun set and certainly worth a purchase if you're a fan of the film.

Disc contents / Extras

Being a 2 disc release I was expecting a bit more from the extras but the main reason for the second disc is probably that they used up all the space on disc one for jamming it with an English DTS track.

There's no audio commentary or other bonuses on the first disc (non worth mentioning anyway, I mean look in the specs list) but the second one adds a couple of exclusive interviews to the mix.

All in all I think the extras are pretty lousy. The interviews are nice but the Film clips are actually nothing but... yeah, you guessed it - FILM CLIPS! And then you're (still) thinking that I'm talking about deleted scenes... BUT NOOOO! They're not deleted scenes, they're just parts of the film played up as bonus features. Yes, seriously! God, what's wrong with the dutch DVD-industry these days???

Seeing as deleted scenes are found on several other releases of this film, I'm certainly not ranking this as the best on the market, and I think any true fan of the film would probably want to pick up atleast 2 editions to get the best of both worlds.

Last but not least there's a small behind the scenes clip, but even with that it's not very impressive. You can also note that featurettes like making-of's and such are partly unique on both the R1 and the R2UK.

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