Dune | Extended Edition

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Universal Pictures

» 1 Disc (doublesided)
» Steelbook (Viva Metalpack)
» 2 page Booklet (Dune Terminology)

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 Disc 1

» Dune (movie)
» - Theatrical Cut
» - Extended Cut (side B)
» 13 Deleted Scenes (with introduction by Raffaella De Laurentiis, 17 min 18 sec)
» Designing Dune (8 min 54 sec)
» Special Effects (6 min)
» Models And Miniatures (7 min 2 sec)
» Wardrobe Design (4 min 50 sec)
» Photo gallery
» - Set photographs
» - Artworks
» Production notes (text)

DVD (doublesided), R1, NTSC

2.35:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1 (both cuts)
» French DD 2.0 surround (Theatrical cut)

English HoH, Spanish, French

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David Lynch


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Packaging / Design

This is the first Steelbook case (or Viva Metalpack if you want to get specific) I ever reviewed and I must say I find it to be quite eye-catching. The DUNE-logo on the front cover is embossed (raised) whilst the rest of the cover (minus the outer edges) is lowered. I like this look. The overall colour feels a bit golden and my only concern about this is that it can really come off as very dark when seen from the wrong angle. Give it a bit of light and this little nugget will shine very nicely. (I think the colours in the image came out pretty much the way they feel in real life though). A very nice steelbook indeed. Perhaps a bit easily dented but no worse than any other steelbook.

Disc contents / Extras

The only thing a David Lynch film needs more than this treatment is a commentary track. But as Lynch doesn't seem to like them we can atleast take note that we are extremely fortunate to get Deleted Scenes on a Lynch disc once and for all. This so called "Extended" edition includes both the TV-version and the theatrical version of the film, but being only a 1 disc set we soon come to the disappointing (and not to surprising reality) that this release concists of a double-sided disc (the worst idea in dvd-history?). But anyway, let's not judge a book to film on dvd by it's cover but let's rather have a look inside.

First up is Designing Dune. This featurette runs for 8 min 54 sec and takes a look at a lot of the set-designs and other visual aspects of the film. It's all very interesting to watch and you get to note a lot of details that you might not see while watching the film. It feels longer than it actually is which I would note as a plus. There's some archive footage in here but as Lynch himself has had no involvment the making of this release, his appearances seem few and far between.

Next we have the Deleted Scenes which run for a bit over 17 min. These are preceded by the producer Rafaella De Laurentiis talking a bit about the rumoured 4-hour cut of Dune. The deleted scenes are not included in the so called 'Extended Cut' but are still not to interesting and seem to add more confusement rather than information. Still, it's an unusual add to a Lynch-film and I guess we should be thankful just the same.

Special Effects gives a look into the world of fighting robots, black smoke, hunter-seekers and other effects shots. A lot of old-school FX in a short time using fishing lines and burning tyres. This is also very short featurette but it's nicely done anyway. Models And Miniatures is only 7 minutes and it takes as to some of the extensive miniture shots used. Spanning from the 'worms' to 'spice harvester' this should have been so much longer. Wardrobe Design goes into the story and the design of the various clothes used in the film. The most interesting (and most disturbing) detail in this is the backstory to where the Space Guild uniforms came from (I can't believe those gues actually whore them... not knowing)...

Finally we got about 100 stills on artwork and set photography. This is a nice extra but it doesn't fix the fact that this release is still pretty Lynch-less. It's nice to finally see the film in some kind viewable version and also to get the extended/deleted material... but in the end, this release doesn't go far beyond avarage, be it the best out there or not.

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