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» Thailand

» 8856574094462

» Fox

» 1 Disc
» Keepcase
» Slipcase

» First pressing

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 Disc 1

» Sunshine (movie)
» Audio Commentary by Director Danny Boyle
» Audio Commentary by Dr. Brian Cox
» Weblink
» 7 Deleted Scenes (optional commentary by Danny Boyle)
» - Part 1 (06m 25s)
» - Part 2 (04m 14s)
» - In Deeper Space Than We Are (01m 20s)
» - Prepping For Docking (01m)
» - Rough Docking Procedure (02m 37s)
» - Fight And The We Die (02m 31s)
» - Alternate Ending (50s)
» Web Production Diaries
» - Danny Boyle Introduction (02m 07s)
» - Danny (02m 45s)
» - Zero G Flight (01m 32s)
» - Cillian (01m 47s)
» - Pre Viz (01m 32s)
» - Science Of The Sun (01m 39s)
» - Hiroyuki (01m 52s)
» - Troy Garity Harvey Introduction (02m)
» - Voice Of Icarus (02m 11s)
» - Michelle And Oxygen Garden (02m 20s)
» - Anita Screens (02m 55s)
» - Alwin Küchler (01m 54s)
» - Cliff Curtis (01m 47s)
» - Bumps And Stunts (01m 17s)
» - Benny (01m 41s)
» - Science of Space Travel Physiology (02m 36s)
» - Space Suit (02m 22s)
» - Rose Intro (01m 54s)
» - Love Letters (01m 17s)
» - Chris Evens (02m 07s)
» - VFX (01m 42s)
» - Big Bangs (02m 19s)
» - The Science Of Sun Death (03m)
» Short Films
» - Introduction by Danny Boyle (54s)
» - Dad's Dead (by Chris Shepherd) (06m 39s)
» - Mole Hills (by Dan Arnold) (06m 11s)
» Trailers
» - Theatrical Teaser
» - Theatrical Trailer


» 2.35:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1
» English DTS 5.1
» Thai DD 2.0

» English, Thai, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Tagalog, Bahasa

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Original Title
» Sunshine

» 2007

» Danny Boyle

» Cillian Murphy, Cliff Curtis, Chipo Chung, Michelle Yeoh, Hiroyuki Sanada


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Packaging / Design

This set comes with pretty common keepcase in slipcase design. Not too much of an eyecatcher but the embossing for the slipcase is quite heavy so I'll give it some extra points for that one.

Disc contents / Extras

The features on this set are identical to most other regions so there's no need to pick this unless you want the slipcase for some reason.

The disc comes with two Audio commentary tracks and also sports a number of interesting features.

The 7 deleted scenes are are listed as follows:

The first two are entitled Part 1 and Part 2. These are a series of shorter scenes combined into two deleted segments. The menu also lists the included scenes within these segments as follows. Part 1 : Playing Chess, Washing Carrots in The Oxygen Garden, Coolant Redirection, Cooking and Wake-Up, followed by Part 2 which includes Demolished Oxygen Garden and Searle Meets Capa.

The rest of the scenes are listed with titles in the disc specs but to summarise; it's a nice little bunch of scenes which really help to flesh out the story. And what's even better, they all come with optional commentary by director Danny Boyle.

However, the alternate ending which is even promoted by a banner on the backcover is really quite uninteresting (don't expect to be shocked as it pretty much just an alternate version of the theatrical ending). The deleted scenes can be selected individually or played all at once.

The Web Production Diaries are divided into chapters. This is a good feature but what's annoying is that each chapter comes with an introductery Sunshine logo and also rounds up with som Fox Searchlight credits.

There are two short films presented on the disc which have absolutely NOTHING to do with the main feature. These short films start off with an audio introduction by Danny Boyle explaining why they're on here. And it basically adds up to the fact that he feels that it's a good way to get unknown short films to a broader audience.

With that said, I'm not gonna go into any kind of review for these two shorts as I this is not a movie review website, and also (being as they have nothing to do with the film or it's director) I won't base my final score on the fact that these films were included.

And last but not least, we get two Sunshine trailers. And that's all there is. Seeing as the features are the same all over thw world I would suggest a packaging freak to go for the old Hong Kong LE digipack as this is the best I've come across... but then again it's all a matter of taste.


Also available in a limited edition box set featuring a "flashing cell-phone light". And the slipcase was only available for the first pressing so anyone buying this today will probably just get the keepcase.

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