28 Days Later | MVC Exclusive

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United Kingdom



» 1 Disc
» Slim Digipack
» Slipcase
» 6 Art Cards

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 Disc 1

» 28 Days Later (movie)
» Audio Commentary by director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland
» Pure Rage (Making of) (24m 20s)
» 6 Deleted Scenes (optional commentary)
» - Abandoned Train (01m 48s)
» - The Infected In The House (02m 26s)
» - Hospital Dream (04m 29s)
» - Motorway Carnage (01m 19s)
» - Floorboards (51s)
» - Taxi/Sweden (01m 44s)
» - London Walk (01m 19s)
» Alternative Endings
» - Alt. Ending (02m 28s)
» - Alt. Ending with commentary (02m 28s)
» - Radical Alt. Ending (storyboards with commentary) (11m 22s)
» Galleries (with commentary)
» - Production Gallery (18m 22s)
» - Polaroid Gallery (04m 13s)
» Trailers
» Animated Storyboards (01m 30s)
» Jacknife Lee Music Video (06m 20s)


1.85:1 Anamorphic

English DD 5.1

English HoH, Swedish

 Movie Details

Original Title
28 Days Later


Danny Boyle

Cillian Murphy, Naomie Harris, Noah Huntley, Brendan Gleeson, Megan Burns, Christopher Eccleston, Ray Panthaki, Christopher Dunne, Emma Hitching


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Before you try to get you're head around where the fuck this release came from (try reading the notes at the top of the page again) I'll say it again; This is an MVC-exclusive and was only available upon the movies release to dvd. Kind of like a first pressing thing, but a just a bit more HTF.

Anyway, getting to the case, we get your regular single-disc digipack. If you havn't seen any of these yet, you'll notice how very slim these cases are (about half the size of you're standard keepcase) and just looking at this particular case I can really come out and just say it...

Size doesn't matter at all.

The Slipcase looks ok but personally I think it could've been done better (The artwork could've been cleaner, the red-patterned design and the critics quotes rubs me the wrong way on some days), but it's still a lot better from the regular keepcase art. Looking inside there's a lot of detail and the design feels very unique and certainly a step up from the standard look. The slipcase is also well made as far as thickness is concerned. Nice and sturdy, no complaints on my part.

Personally I think the image of a blood-spattered Cillian Murphy squatting with a baseball bat in his hands would have been the coolest cover ever. Never-the-less we can't have it all and I guess having it on the inside is good enough.

Also exlusive to this release are a set of 6 postcards (or "art cards" if you will; I never could figure out the difference). These are oddly enough designed in the form of something like a comic-book. Each card is noted with a certain day (day 1, day 3, day 20 etc) and a small header notes the current state of the on going epidemic. Another unusual style for this film but it works great and really makes this little bastard shine through as something out of the ordinary.

All in all a neat little case and a hell of a lot better looking than the standard thing.

Disc contents / Extras

This was a hard one to rate. The menus look good and are kind of still but with some very nice animated details (it captures the abondened look and feel of the film very nicely and give the whole thing a nice quality to it). As for extras there's a commentary and some deleted scenes; some of wich are good and some of wich are bad (alternate scenes are never that fun when there's only minor changes). There's a 24-minute making of along with some galleries and a music video.

The inside of the disc looks and feel good. Subtitles available are english AND swedish (being from Sweden, this is allways an appreciated supplement for me), and these are actuallly available for the commentary track as well (!).

All in all this disc has a pretty good line up and I advice you to pick it up right away.

 Visitors Comments

GreeAndDiscjunkie | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-03-03 (09:36)

hi discjunkie!
i love this release of 28 days later i hope they will make a double feature along with
dawn of the dead (remake)

Steve | Location: London Posted 2009-03-11 (11:36)

Actually I am not that keen on this one, I have the ltd edition R2UK one and much prefer the cover on that, although this is of course much rarer I would think.

Jonathan | Location: Denmark Posted 2009-02-09 (18:34)


Want this relese !!!

Posted 2008-02-10 (17:58)

Hey James! Don't worry, man. We all mix up HMV and MVC from time to time. :)

Furthermore I don't own the exclusives for Dog Soldiers and Resident Evil but the Scandinavian edition of Dog Soldiers has DTS and it only cost me like 2 dollars at some crazy sale so I'm still pretty satisfied.

And as I final note I've currently got the French (first press) digipack version of 28 Days Later coming in and I'll be sure to get this baby published on the site as soon as possible.

JAMESTALKALOT | Location: West Lothian - Scotland Posted 2008-02-10 (11:38)

Doh. I said HMV instead of MVC. hehe. I'm not used to saying MVC anymore since all the shops in the UK have closed down many years ago.

JAMESTALKALOT | Location: West Lothian - Scotland Posted 2008-02-10 (11:36)

Nice to see somebody else with this set. I got this from HMV at the time of release as well as a few other HMV exclusive sets like Dog Soldiers and Resident Evil. They all have the same packaging style as this. Not sure if you have them as I'm just going through some of your dvds now. Very nice site though mate. I would love to put as much info as you have for each dvd but it would take me years to finish. Keep up the good work pal.

6 comments in total.

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