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» Entertainment Memorabilia

» America

» None

» Rockey's Realm / Anthony Rockey

» Wooden Lab Slides Box
(holds 50 slides)
» 46 Blood Slides
» Index Card Insert
(with victims names from season 1&2)

» Unknown amount

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» Yes

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Original Title
» Dexter

» 2006

» Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar, C.S. Lee, Christina Robinson, Preston Bailey, Erik King, Desmond Harrington, Geoffrey Pierson, David Ramsey, Keith Carradine, Jimmy Smits, John Lithgow, Daniel Goldman, Courtney Ford, Valerie Cruz, Jaime Murray, Devon Graye


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Interest / Design

Being a major fan of Dexter I had been wanting a blood slides box replica for quite some time and had also had serious plans about buidling one myself. However, after some research I quickly realised that such a task might be more complicated than I thaught.

Because, as you may or may not know, Dexter's box is fairly unique in the sense that it has the hinges on the short end rather than on the long side of the box. This is a detail that many don't think about and I've also seen several replicas that don't even pay attention to this (even a box seen on display at the Comic-Con had the hinges on the wrong side for crying out loud).

I also considered buying a common box and then moving the hinges and lock to the right side. And from what I understand (true or falls, you tell me) the original screen used box was actually modified from an excisting box in that very way - moving the hinges and lock to make it look unique. But as it turns out, even the original boxes used for that are almost impossible to find now. But then I noticed this fan made replica produced by Anthony Rockey (see link in the sidenotes).

The box is made from beautiful oak and comes with the right hinges in the right place and even has the correct lock on it. The size and measurements seem pretty accurate though screen caps from the series will show that the wood was put together a little differently on the original box (the side walls were cut so they interlock with one another at the corners) but this is qutie a small flaw and would probably only be noticable to your most hardcore collector.

When it comes to the wood itself, the color is really nice though perhaps a little bit dark, and the wooden rings on the lid are much less noticeble on the box in the series.

Anthony also makes his own "special blood mix" from secret ingredients and has supplied each box with 46 blood slides. In my opinion the color of the blood is a bit to light and it doesn't feel quite right but it still works. I've considered replacing the slides with some of my own featuring fake blood but so far I'm sticking with Anthony's original work.

Last but not least there is also a paper sheet on the inside of the lid listing all of the victims names from seasons 1 and 2 (I specifically asked to have a blank sheet included when I bought it so I have 2 sheets but you can check the video review to see the second one) - except for the first one which has been replaced by Anthony Rockey himself (cute).

Being a sucker for details I especially asked to have a blank sheet included as well as I'm not sure if Dexter actually writes down the names within the box and I want to stay as true to the original as possible.

So what's the bottom line? Well, I'd say this is by far the most accurate replica I've seen but it still has some minor work that could be done to get the look even closer to the original (for instance: the original numbering next to the slides in Dexter's box aren't followed by punction as far as I know). Seeing as Anthony makes these boxes from scratch I'm still pretty fucking impressed and I think he deserves all the praise he has coming to him.

Personally, I think the price of 149 USD was pretty good if you look at the overall quality but I wouldn't want to go up to 300 USD on one of these (as I've seen one or two ebayers do).

I consider myself pretty hardcore when it comes to these things and I think I will be quite happy with this box in terms of accuracy and details and I'm sure your average Dexter fan would be totally blown away by it. I might consider tracking down one of the original "unmodified" boxes if I can but if you don't want to go through the trouble I think this will be one of your best sources for a proper replica.

As a final note I could mention that I actually moved the lock on my copy as it was offset by a couple of millimeters but then again this is something that most people probably wouldn't notice and I'm thinking that it was also probably just a random miss on my copy.


This is a fan made replica by Anthony Rockey. Anthony makes these boxes from scratch and makes his own blend of "special blood" for the slides. I don't have an exact number of copies produced as Anthony is making these without any kind of numbering, however, when this one was purchased a total of 5 boxes had been produced.

If you want to purchase one of these boxes, take a look in the Rockey's Realm ebay store (where I bought mine) or email him directly at:

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satanpain Posted 2013-01-16 (23:37)

Satan vad snyggt. Dexter ?r min absoluta favorit serie. Men j?klars s? dyr box.

randy boisclair | Location: truro novaS cotia canada Posted 2010-03-04 (07:35)

hey man um.............. would u beaball to mack the dexter blood slide box

Posted 2010-01-10 (00:18)

Tomas: Klart jag minns den :)

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2010-01-06 (16:00)

Tuff liten l?da. Minns du Mad Scientists l?da med provr?r? Finns vissa likheter, ?ven om det var en helt annan grej.

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