Wolf Creek | Limited Collector's Edition | JB Hi-Fi Exclusive | Incorrect Inlay Version

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» Australia

» 9398710623796 (cardboard slipcase)

» Roadshow Entertainment

» 3 Discs (DVDs)
» 1 Disc (Soundtrack CD)
» Keepcase (see sidenotes)
» Slipcase

» 1000 copies (numbered) (see sidenotes)

Out of Print
» Yes

Still in Collection
» Yes

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» www.ebay.co.uk

 Disc 1

» Wolf Creek (movie)
» Audio Commentary by writer/director Greg McLean, co-producer/executive producer Matt Hearn, and actors Cassandra Magrath and Kestie Morassi

» DVD, R4, PAL

» 1.85:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1
» English DD 2.0 surround

» None

 Disc 2

» The Making Of Wolf Creek (49m 43s)
» Deleted Scenes
» - Nathan at store: "G'day" (36s)
» - Kestie in bed with Nathan (01m 39s)
» - Cass down the well (03m 42s)
» Meet Mick Taylor: An Interview with John Jarratt (21m 43s)

» DVD, R4, PAL

» None

 Disc 3

» Photo Gallery (03m 32s)
» Auxiliary One - Broken & Twisted (music video) (04m 48s)
» Storyboard & Production Sketch Montage (03m 02s)

» DVD, R4, PAL

» None

 Disc 4

(44m 45s total)
» 01. The Wires, Part 1 (02m 13s)
» 02. Hall's Creek (02m 17s)
» 03. Emu Creek (28s)
» 04. The Crater (01m 29s)
» 05. Alien F100 (57s)
» 06. Abysmal Horizon (04m 12s)
» 07. Talimnavi (02m 05s)
» 08. Liz (02m 57s)
» 09. The Shed, Part 1 (56s)
» 10. Arcane Menace (02m 42s)
» 11. Escape (01m 25s)
» 12. The Shed, Part 2 (45s)
» 13. The Cliff (54s)
» 14. Mick (01m)
» 15. The Return (01m 54s)
» 16. Trophy Room (02m 10s)
» 17. Head On A Stick (01m 49s)
» 18. Kristy (02m 13s)
» 19. Statesman Deville (02m 35s)
» 20. Ben (01m 40s)
» 21. Monumental Isolation (01m 54s)
» 22. Epilogue (01m 42s)
» 23. The Wires, Part 2 (50s)
» 24. Wolf Creek, Main Title (03m 27s)

(Full OST composed by Francois Tétaz)

» CD, Soundtrack

 Movie Details

Original Title
» Wolf Creek

» 2005

» Greg Mclean

» John Jarratt, Cassandra Magrath, Kestie Morassi, Nathan Phillips, Gordon Poole, Guy O´Donnell, Phil Stevenson, Geoff Revell, Andy McPhee, Aaron Sterns, Michael Moody, Andrew Reimer, Vicki Reimer, Isabella Reimer, David Rock, Jenny Starvall, Guy Petersen

» http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0416315/

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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

This release was a JB Hi-Fi Exclusive and features 3 DVDs as well as the soundtrack CD. But before going any further please take note that there are two versions of this release and that the one on display here is the so called "misslabeled" version featuring the WRONG inlay for the keepcase (please see sidenotes at the bottom of the page for full info).

As far as packaging goes this isn't all that special. There's a yellow cardboard slipcase with an exclusive artwork (in comparison to the standard Australian release). Each slipcase is individually numbered and the original keepcase inlay featured an artwork identical to the slipcase but without the numbering.

As my copy is one of the misslabeled ones I might as well say something about THAT inlay design as well (being the same inlay that was on the standard 2 disc edition). I find that the yellow cover design is much more haunting and stylish then the australian standard and as usual, giant rating logos and too much printed text also adds to an even more irritating cover. However, the inlay of the standard 2 disc set is in fact a REVERSIBLE cover, where the inside features the same artwork for the front but without the rating logo and fine printed text at the bottom right corner. The reversible cover for the back uses a slightly different artwork and looses all the writings. I'm not really sure what I think about all this but I guess such an simular reversible cover is okay when it looses the rating logos (???).

But anyway, misslabeled keepcases and big ass rating logos aside, this is probably one the best packaging-designs you'll find for this film. There is however a second JB Hi-Fi exclusive edition (released in 2009) that is presented in a tin case but it's only the regular 2 disc version and the cover suffers from the same, poorly placed rating logo.

Disc contents / Extras

This release has a total of 4 discs and the first three are also available separately in a standard keepcase with differing artwork (and the soundtrack can obviously be bought on it's own).

There's an audio commentary as well as a lengthy making of documentary but despite a total of 4 discs there's not really THAT much extra in comparison to the standard 2 disc release.

On the other hand, the forth disc is in fact a CD with the complete original sountrack for the film and even though this can be bought separately there's no other DVD-release that comes with it as part of a box set.

As a final note it can also be mentioned that the US DVD only features 1 deleted scene but instead has the two missing scenes cut back into the movie, giving that release an exclusive "extended cut".


There are two versions of this release. Though it's limited to 1000 copies it seems that they didn't have the right amount of inlays printed and ended up using the standard inlay from the 2 disc version on a lot of copies (the original inlay features the same artwork as the outer slipcase but without the individual numbering). Apart from the wrong inlay on the keepcase both versions are EXACTLY THE SAME (and yeah, my copy is obviously one of the copies with the wrong inlay).

My copy is number 698/1000.

For a closer look at the "correct inlay" version, click here.

In 2009 came a new JB Hi-Fi exclusive for this film but even though it comes in a tin case, it's only a 2 disc set and as you might have expected the big bad rating logo is still very present.

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