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» Russia

» 4602192453808

» ???

» 1 Disc
» Slim Digipack
» Slipcase

Out of Print
» No

Still in Collection
» Yes

 Disc 1

» Moon (movie)
» Bonus Traliers
» - Bad Lieutenant (in Russian)
» - Shrink (in Russian)
» - Powder Blue (in English)
» - OSS 117: Rio ne Répond Plus (in Russian)
» Also on DVD (static menus)
» Cast & Crew Biographies (in Russian)
» - Duncan Jones
» - Sam Rockwell
» - Kevin Spacey
» Image Gallery (slideshow) (03m 20s)

» DVD, R0, PAL

» 1.85:1 Anamorphic

» English DD 5.1
» Russian DD 5.1
» Russian DTS 5.1

» Russian (subtitled in YELLOW) (optional)

 Movie Details

Original Title
» Moon

» 2009

» Duncan Jones

» Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott, Rosie Shaw, Adrienne Shaw, Kaya Scodelario, Benedict Wong, Matt Berry, Malcolm Stewart, Robin Chalk


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 Discjunkie's Comments

Packaging / Design

Seeing as this is apparently not an official release I was really surprised by the overall quality and incredible artwork. The front cover suffers from an odd graphic flaw at the bottom of the case, where there appears to be a part of the print just... well, missing to be honest.

Checking out the rest of the case I was equally (if not more) impressed with the interior design as it offers some really great alternate artwork that I havn't really seen on any other edition. The digipack artwork has missprint, spelling "place" as "plase" but apart from this I don't find any particular flaws with it.

And so in terms of quality and looks the case is really quite a nice design and doesn't feel cheap at all, except for the slight graphic flaws of the artwork AND the fact that the discart is a bit pixelated and has a couple of odd coloring issues.

Disc contents / Extras

When it comes to picture and audio quality I can't really dig deep into pixelation issues or stuff like that on any high-def level. However I will say that the image quality on my 47 inch TV looks great - I can't see any notable problems nor does it look cropped or poorly transfered so I'm quite okay with this part.

Audio wise the disc comes with a Russian DTS track but also has English in DD 5.1 so it's still pretty equal to your typical supermarket keepcase edition. The menus are all in russian and feel somewhat confusing as they seem to link back and forth in a really odd way (but maybe a lot it has to do with me not speaking the language).

There's not a whole lot of extras (just a slideshow to be honest) and even the bonus trailers are mainly dubbed over by Russian voices so no real value there either. I find the overall menu design quite low quality and there are a couple of really bad graphic designs floating around in the submenus.

All in all not a very impressive disc but I've seen worse examples on officially licensed DVDs so it still gets a 4 based mainly on the decent image and audio quality.

 Visitors Comments

Posted 2012-08-07 (10:29)

What do you mean the artwork was yours?

Gree | Location: Gelsenkirchen Posted 2012-08-02 (08:47)

The bootleg artwork was mine and some dodgy (But nice) russian guy.

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