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Original Title
The Dark Knight

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Batman: The Dark Knight


Christopher Nolan

Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Monique Curnen, Ron Dean, Cillian Murphy, Chin Han, Nestor Carbonell, Eric Roberts, Ritchie Coster, Anthony Michael Hall


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Interest / Design

This is supposedly the exact same brand of knife as seen used by The Joker in the movie The Dark Knight. In my opinion this is a really nice piece of film history. Now, obviously this is not a "REAL" prop as it's not a screen used item or anything designed specifically for a movie production but never the less, being the actual knife model used in the film I think it's still one hell of a cool collectable.

Now, there are a lot of variations and so called "Joker knifes" floating around on ebay which is why I really wanted to investigate this matter and pick up the right one.

After the success of the movie there's even a knife which has been branded with "Joker" right on the blade. This is of course a close enough look a like for your average fan but a hardcore collector really should pay attention to some subtle differences when going on the hunt for these things.

First of all, the knife seen on display here (which is exactly the same as the screen used model as far as I know) is a Cupid Extractor 1600. It doesn't have a circular hole straight through the front end of the blade like so many similar knock-offs but rather just a hole that goes through half of the blade. This leaves the other side with nothing but a straight line, which is an important detail if you're looking for screen accuracy.

Secondly, if you compare the 1600 to the more popular Cupid 2.0 and most other versions you'll notice that the grip marks on the handle are quite different.

Last but not least a lot of the knifes on the market don't have the right design on the bottom part of the blade. The screen used version has a very symmetrical look on the blade and also NO serrated edges (!), which is quite common on a lot of the other ones.

Overall I think the Cupid Extractor 1600 is the closest you'll get to what you seen on screen. I've been reading a lot about this on and prop collectors in general seem to be pretty sure that the 1600 is the screen used model. So yeah, in my opinion a very cool and memorable knife from one of best films of 2008.


This is a Cupid Extractor 1600 OTF (out the front) Single Action Switchblade. As far as I can tell this is the exact same type of knife as the one used by the Joker in The Dark Knight and it was purchased from

There wasn't any particular modifications done to the knife to make it match the original as it's supposedly exactly the same brand of knife to begin with.

It seems have stopped selling this particular version of the joker knife, though they still offer some alterations of it. For the record, you can visit the url for the original product page here.

There are many so called "Joker knifes" being sold on the market today but all the replicated and "inspired" versions seem to differ quite a bit from the original screen used knife type.

Pay specific attention to the shape of the blade and the grip patterns on the handle. You can also check this video for a quick comparison between the Cupid 1600 and the Cupid 2.0.

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Alikah | Location: Sweden Posted 2011-06-25 (21:58)

Hello! I really want to buy the knife, could you please look it up and see where you could buy it today? They did not have the real deal at AssistedKnife they only had the fake one that says Joker on the blade.. Please get back to me by email, I really want it. I have only found assisted opening knives and I want the automatic OTF Joker knife.

Posted 2011-01-18 (07:10)

Levi: The one I show is no longer for sale at I don't know where you can buy it today.

levi west | Location: butler pa Posted 2011-01-13 (17:35)

those are not the one like you show were can you fing the one the same exact one you shot with no serrades

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