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» 753250200644 (original doll product)

» Integrity Toys (see sidenotes)

» Ice Truck Killer Doll Replica

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» Dexter

» 2006

» Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Lauren Vélez, David Zayas, James Remar, C.S. Lee, Christina Robinson, Preston Bailey, Erik King, Desmond Harrington, Geoffrey Pierson, David Ramsey, Keith Carradine, Jimmy Smits, John Lithgow, Daniel Goldman, Courtney Ford, Valerie Cruz, Jaime Murray, Devon Graye


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Interest / Design

Okay, before doing anything else I need to explain that this is a custom made prop replica that I "MADE" MYSELF. The doll I used to recreate the so called "Ice Truck Killer Doll" is the exact same model of doll as used in the series. It's a doll character named Alysa and it was released by Integrity Toys back in 2004 as part of their old playline collection sold through Kmart, Walmart and TRU stores. This doll is part of series commonly described as the "Studio IT" series and the original box also labels it with "Janay and friends" and "Fashion Fling" (to be honest there's just so many series and sub-series of dolls here so I suggest you just check the box for keywords if you want to go hunting for your own copy).

Now, in order to replicate the doll seen in the series I first had to strip it of all clothes and compare it to some reference shots from the TV series. The removal of the head was quite easy (you just jank it off) and though the legs were a bit tricky to separate from the hips my overall recommendation is just some good old fashioned violence - just bend it at the base until it snaps!

I used a simple household knife (for slicing and dicing) to achieve the clean cuts to the arms and legs. As for the neck this is probably the hardest part as this is much harder plastic than the rest (make a note that the doll in the show has had it's neck removed to make it look more "human" so to speak). In retrospect I would suggest sawing off the neck using a very fine hack saw or something like that.

Last but not least the red ribbon used for the final touches is something I picked up quite cheap from a local sewing store (bought around 2 meters which ended up being just enough) and cost me less than I would have paid for the cheap normal grocery store kind of ribbon.


This is a self produced prop replica so I guess the distributor of the finished product would be me but the original manufacturer of the doll I used to create this is Integrity Toys.

And as far as the OOP status goes that's mainly a detail I put in in reference to the original doll model. It came out in 2004 and so you will only find it second hand today.

And as far as the original mirror featured as a doll accessory on the show, that is definetly from a different source and does not come as an original accessory with this particular doll.

It can also be mentioned that the original "home sweet home" apron seen on the doll prior to it getting chopped up on the show is also NOT apart of the original product.


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Christofer Posted 2012-07-07 (00:12)

Har du kvar den extra dockan? Jag skulle vara intresserad i s? fall.
Jag ?r ofta inne och kollar p? dina unboxings , riktigt kul att se att man inte ?r ensam om denna underbara hobby. ?ven om min samling ?r ganska blygsam i j?mf?relse. Kolla g?rna i hos mig .
Skicka iv?g ett mail .

Posted 2012-03-31 (19:11)

Well Erika, I'm actually selling one. Would have emailed you but you didn't log your emailadress for the comment so hope you read this. Furthermore, they're actually quite hard to find. I got it through ebay on both occasions but even there it's not the most common.

Erika | Location: Canadaa Posted 2012-03-18 (21:49)

Where else can I look for this doll ? Just eBay?

mike | Location: cincinnati Posted 2011-12-05 (06:08)

is that still for sale, if so email me at

Aaron | Location: Harlingen, Texas United States Posted 2010-12-01 (19:09)

Please... I need this doll... I know its hard to find... called a couple dealers... any ideas for me... please email me!! :)

Posted 2010-07-03 (00:51)

Hey Sammy! Nice comment! ;)

Samantha | Location: Brazil Posted 2010-07-03 (00:46)

Hello Oskar! Nice item =)

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