Phantasm II | Complete Edition | Illegal Release

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Marketing Films

» 2 Discs
» Digipack
» Slipcase

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 Disc 1

» Phantasm II (movie)
» Behind Phantasm II (01h 59m) (ILLEGAL CONTENTS)
» Angus Scrimm At Fangoria 1989 (09m 56s)
» Stills Gallery (ILLEGAL CONTENTS?)
» 3 TV Spots
» Theatrical Trailer


1.85:1 Anamorphic

English DD 2.0 stereo
» German DD 5.1
» German DD 2.0 stereo


 Disc 2

» Phantasm II (workprint cut with time codes) (01h 43m 05s) (movie) (ILLEGAL CONTENTS)
» Phantasmania Convention (66m 55s) (ILLEGAL CONTENTS)
» Fangoria Convention (29m 22s) (ILLEGAL CONTENTS)



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Phantasm II


Don Coscarelli

James LeGros, Reggie Bannister


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Packaging / Design

This german release of Phantasm II comes in a pretty simple digipack. As you can tell from the sidenotes above this set packs a bit of a dark past but as it's not of typical black market quality the digipack and slipcase feel pretty OK to me. Granted, the glue used in digipack is coming loose on my edition but this has happened on several "legitimate" releases as well so I don't think it's something to lay sleepless over.

Furthermore; I'm not too crazy about the artork but I guess it works out in a kitchy somewhat trashy kind of way (WTF!?).

Disc contents / Extras

OK, first off, check out the sidenotes below cause I won't explain it all again. There's a lot of interesting stuff on these discs (illegal stuff) but for the most part, the special feature footage is of VERY (VERY!) poor quality. The Behind Phantasm II documentary is basically 2 hours worth of raw video-quality on-set footage. Now, this has never been seen on dvd before and is so lengthy that you can't help but be impressed by the mass amount of info that washes over you. Both the Phantasmania and Phantasmagoria stuff follows the same pattern but it can't be seen anywhere else so would can you do?

The workprint cut of the film comes with time-codes through out and the the image quality is just terrible (imagine a good old fashioned VHS-copy... from hell!). Still, I guess a lot of this stuff is such a rare treat that it's fun to have for any fan even if it is unauthorized. In the end, I guess these so called "bootleg" releases of Phantasm II are kind of like a really big load of russian caviar... with bad exiration dates - You get a lot more if you go for this package but the quantity doesn't quite make up for the loss of quality... And once you've gone through that much bad caviar (poor VHS-quality footage) you'll probably feel a bit sick no matter what you're preferences are.


This edition was released by Marketing Films and appears identical to the Limited Edition released by XT Video in Austria. Both editions have been classied as bootlegs even though they were'nt really made on any kind of black market. The problem with this release as well as with the Austrian edition is as follows: Some of the special features contain illegal footage that was nevered authized by to appear on either set. In accordance with this copyright violation these sets SHOULD have been withdrawn and deleted from day one. However, dispite class actions from the Bannisters (correct me if I'm wrong, this is just what I've heard) against the various companies the distribution of these sets continued from a number of serious stores all over europe.

The Limited Editions sets manufactured by XT Video appears to be OOP by now but the german set (which isn't limited) can still be purchased brand new and sealed through some shops (how the hell this all works is beyond me).

It's been a quite difficult to get to the bottom of what, why, and in what way the extra features on these sets we're illegal. However, from what I've pieced together, the true crime (so to speak) lies in the Phantasamania and Fangoria convention footage. The Phantasmania segment is said to contain music by Reggie Bannister that fall under separate agreements, while the Fangoria footage was just illegally shot by some fan. The lengthy Behind the scenes segment is said to have been stolen from a private collection while some of the stills material is said to have been stolen of a number of internet sites. And finally, the workprint cut of Phantasm II is (as far as I know) legal for distribution on VHS but the rights for this cut we're never issued for dvd (???).

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