Does That Hurt You? | Special Edition | First Pressing

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Hula Offline

» 1 Disc
» Numbered Booklet in plastic sleeve
» Limited Tin Case

100 copies

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» Does That Hurt You? (documentary)

DVD-R (Blue), R0, PAL

4:3 Fullscreen

English DD 2.0 stereo

German (optional - see disc notes)

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Does That Hurt You?


Agnieszka Jurek


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Packaging / Design

Don't get me wrong. For a handmade "self-produced" release this is a pretty nice case. The metallbox is quite simple and doesn't carry any specific marks so I can assume it wasn't designed specifically for this release. The picture on the front apears to be a simple sticker but I havn't attempted to take it off just to see how good it is (seems like an easy task if someone for some reason would like to remove it).

The booklet feels simple (all one peace, nu staples) but is well made and looks good. The numbering is handsigned on the booklet wich in itself is a nice touch. And the tin case is practical yet unusual for dvds so in all fearsness it does deserve a few extra points for standing out. You'll also be happy to see that the disc is a pictured-disc making it seem a bit more "real" and less cheap.

Disc contents / Extras

First off, I want to point out that I have very little to say about the picture quality or the audio as I don't really have the equipment to take advantage of those features to the fullest. However, I will say this; This disc is labeled as a "special edition dvd". This in itself would suggest some kind of extra features apart from the main feature. However, this disc comes with about as few features as you can imagine.

I know this is a selfmade release and I guess we shouldn't expect to much of it. However, in all fearness I think they should have labeled it as just a "limited edition dvd". That would have been far more truthful than calling it a "special" edition.

Upon startup the disc instantly starts up a static menu for selection subtitles or no subtitles. Selecting no subtitles starts the documentary without subs and the other selection does the opposite. It should be noted however that these subtitles can not be switched on/off during the main feature and they also look burned when appering on screen. This leads me to believe that it's in fact two version of the feature (one with and one without subs). The entire feature runs for 26 min and 20 sec in total.

Apart from this there are NO menus, NO chapterstops and NO additional setting or hidden features available (the lack of english subtitles is also a bit more dissapointing than you'de expect sense the audio on this disc is not allways the best. The main interview with David Lynch was conducted over the phone and our interviewer speaks with quite a bit of an accent which makes the questions hard to hear from time to time). It's a nice little disc but I wish they'de had put a bit more effort into making it a "special edition" disc.


This is the first pressing, which comes in a limited tin case. It's individually numberd (my copy: #10/100) and has now been replaced by new press featuring the same disc in a cardboard case.

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Aneeq | Location: Karachi, Pakistan Posted 2010-09-06 (03:38)

Please delete my previous comment, I hadn't spellchecked it.

Anyway, I have been a fan of David Lynch's vision for many years now and I've seen almost all of his work, some I still have to. The dvd casing is amazing, and the fonts!! I wish I could have this box set. It's one of the times I hate limited editions, because, I'm in Pakistan, so, even if it wasn't a limited edition, I'd still have missed it because people here usually sell pirated illegal stuff and I hate that, so I never get a chance to buy real stuff, but perhaps some day. I've seen all of Dumbland and its crazy work! I wish I could show his Lost Highway in the art school I went to years ago. David Lynch knows how to do black humor, he knows what he does, whatever he does, his vision of seeing things is the most disturbing in an artistic way and I always look up to him when I do my work. He is true in his work and I will always learn something from him every time I see his work. But, thank you for sharing this amazing release.

F?bio Highlander | Location: Porto ALegre - Brasil Posted 2010-03-14 (20:02)

Hi there.You probably dont't remember me. I write you more than a year ago and we talk about yours(and my) DVD collection and yours web site. Now, I just make a Blog to post my collection little by little and want to share with people who loves to collect DVD and BD movies and other movies stuff. I just start few hours ago, sou for now you will find only a few posts, but I will post more stuff soon. Please, check once in a while... and of course, fell free to leave your opinion/impressions. Thanx and congratulations on your great collection.

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