Minority Report | Special Press Kit | Limited Tin Case (American origin)

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Entertainment Memorabilia



Twentieth Century Fox

» 2 Discs (CD-Roms)
» Aluminum Tin Case
» Foam-padded Cardboard Box

1200 copies

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 Disc 1

» Featurette (quicktime)
(03m 22s)

CD-Rom, PC Enhanced

 Disc 2

» Trailer (quicktime) (01m 24s)
» Photos
» Cast & Crew info
» Production Notes etc.

CD-Rom, PC Enhanced

 Movie Details

Original Title
Minority Report


Steven Spielberg

Tom Cruise, Max von Sydow, Steve Harris, Neal McDonough, Patrick Kilpatrick, Jessica Capshaw, Richard Coca, Keith Campbell, Kirk B.R. Woller, Klea Scott, Frank Grillo, Anna Maria Horsford, Sarah Simmons, Eugene Osment, James Henderson, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Daniel London, Lois Smith, Peter Stormare, Tim Blake Nelson, Jessica Harper, Jason Antoon


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Packaging / Design

This is the holy grail of fabulous cases. Finally! A case that can actually kill someone if you just through it hard enough! Made from Billet Aluminum, this twist-off style canister weighs in ways in at about 1 kilo (!). You can tell that this thing is not your regular mass production case just looking at the details of it. The top of the case comes with the fashionable Pre-Crime logo seen in the film (combined with the words "Minority Report" printed dead center).

The inside is also very well made and the 2 discs are well protected from any damage or scratching as they sit mounted on a small clip in the middle. The inside construct actually make me think more of a portable cd-player then a case, but hey, who am I to judge? Opening the case is probably one of the coolest aspects. You just grab it and twist top and bottom in oposite directions. That's it, the thing comes apart like futuristic miniture bunker! This is industrial sci-fi design at it's best! There's just one problem with this thing - It makes all your other "tin cases" look like cheap-ass asian bootlegs, and you'll never get quite the same rush from a new case as you get from finding this thing in your mailbox.

Moving on; If you manage to get this set with it's original cardboard box intact your probably a very lucky collector. Nevertheless, the outer case aint that much to cheer for. It's made from quite thick cardboard and comes filled with a foam padding for the canister to sit in when your not showing it off to your friends. This is a nice touch but the case itself is very simple. It's all black and is actually just a regular quick-fold style thing; like a regular household box. Something you get when you order office supplies etc. There's a small sticker with the pre-crime logo sealing the outer case. But apart from that there's no marking whatsoever (unless you considder the giant label smacked on the top with info about the contents. Really terrible! Couldn't they've atleast used something that was easily removable?)...

All in all: This is probably the coolest, most luxurious, heaviest, and most expensive looking case design I've seen to date. But then again; it also comes with one of the heftiest price-tags on the market...

Still, nothing says "Respect My Collection" like 1 kilo of Billet Aluminum.

Disc contents / Extras

Five? Well, to tell you the truth I don't know how to rate this thing as it's not you regular movie and extras. This set includes 2 CDs that you can pop into your cd-rom drive. The first disc (labeled "Featurette") is just a quicktime-film running for 3 min and 22 seconds. It's mixed bag of interview footage and behind the scenes stuff with Spielberg and Cruise talking about the film. The film isn't very high-rez, actually nothing like it; it measures 320 x 240 pixels yet is till the only content of disc 1 (seems like a waste of space to me).

The second disc is a PC-only autorunning thing but you can still access the contents by flipping through some folders. There's a quicktime trailer in running for 1 min 24 seconds in 480 x 272 pixels. Apart from this we also get some photos, and som cast and crew info, production notes and susc. I don't really know what's usually included in a press kit cd so I'll just leave this one up to the audience to decide.


This is a promotional press kit and so it does NOT include the full length feature film, but rather just promotional stuff like trailers and photos. It's limited to something around 1200 sets and was only given out to media and press affiliates and people who worked on the film (and possibly some of their friends). It's never been sold in stores and is vary rare. The absolutely stunning tin case was constructed by MKTi and you can read a bit more about the case and the project itself at MKTi's official homepage.


For the record, the limited tin case featured in this press kit also appears in a different set. The tin case was made exclusively for this press kit, but it was also used for a Gloden Globes presentation set (FYC) of the Minority Report screening copies (sent out to members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who judge the Golden Globes).

You'll find more info on the Golden Globes screening edition over here.

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Posted 2008-12-22 (11:55)

Kinky: Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah :)

kinky queen | Location: The Import Forum Posted 2008-12-21 (09:39)

Hey good to see this thing is still wanted :P

Congrats on obtaining the most sought after set of all time! Just like Paul and me i guess you are very VERY proud to own it



Posted 2008-02-10 (10:21)

Thanks man! Like I mentioned, I don't own the briefcase edition yet...

And from what I remember, your shelves usually look a bit crowded and all...

So... well... you know... if you ever want to support the site with a physical donation, that's fine in my book ;)

Polsnulspace | Location: The Import Forum Posted 2008-02-10 (10:07)

Hi Oskar, this is my first visit to you great website mate asnd I must say Im impressed!! Good to see you have the Minority Report presskit....as you said, its probably the coolest set out there (especially if you have the attache case set). Its probably the most inportant piece(s) in my collection and Im soooo proud to have it myself. Anyhoo, just thought Id pass comment on your great site and collection...top work mate!!!

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