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Bungie Software

» 2 Discs
» Small Digipack
» Marathon Scrapbook
» Marathon Trilogy Book
» 3 Stickers
» Special Cardboard Case

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 Disc 1

» Marathon (Computer Game, v1.2)
» Marathon 2 (Computer Game)
» Marathon Infinity (Computer Game)
» Pathways (Computer Game)
» Forge (program)
» Anvil (program)
» Marathon Extras
» - Gnop 1.0 (Computer Game)
» - Marathon Infinity Updater (v1.2 > v1.5)
» - Marathon 2 Strategy Guide
» - Marathon Desktop Pictures
» - Marathon Manuals
» - Old Marathon Betas
» Bungie Demos
» - Myth (slideshow)
» - Abuse
» - Marathon
» - Marathon 2
» - Marathon Infinity
» - Pathways
» Bungie Catalog '97 (program)
» Read Me (textfile)

CD-Rom, Macintosh

 Disc 2

» Marathon
» - Editors
» - Films
» - Helpers/Cheats
» - Music
» - Net Maps
» - Other
» - Patches
» - Physics Models
» - Scenarios
» - Shapes
» - Solo Maps
» - Sounds
» Marathon 2
» - Net Maps
» - Solo Maps
» - Hall of Fame
» - Helpers/Cheats
» - Films
» - Physics Models
» - Editors
» Marathon Infinity
» - Solo Maps
» - Net Maps
» - Helpers/Cheats
» - Editors
» - Shapes/Sounds
» - Films
» Magazines
» Help
» The Bungie Competition
» - Winners
» - Runners Up
» - Honorable Mentions
» - The Best of The Rest
» - Contest List
» Other Files
» NetLink Remote 1.1.1

CD-Rom, Macintosh

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Packaging / Design

This case has gotten a bit banged up over the years but it's still very good looking, and surely quite a nice hit for anyone who enjoys the really oversized stuff (and yes, I do).

It's made from your pretty standard paper-cardboard like quality (typical for old computer-game boxes) but it opens up in a nice little sliding fashion to reveal the inside contents. It should be noted that this is not a slipcase-style box - you can't remove the sliding-part of the box from the rest of the it. Instead, it comes to a firm stop once you've opened it far enough to see the entire Marathon Scrapbook (the case is fully opened in photos 4 through 8).

The cut-out Marathon logo is a bit disturbing as it overlaps the inside contents even when you've opened the case up as far as it will go. And this details will most likely make the logo stand out a bit (get bent or creased) if you're not careful with it.

As for the inside contents, the two big books are really nice and glossy (though they're not hard covers), and the Marathon Scrapbook is especially sweet with it's high quality cover featuring some classic Marathon artwork by Craig Mullins.

Also in the case are three round stickers, and a set of two cd-rom discs in a foldout digipack.

Disc contents / Extras

Disc one (black disc) is labeled as just "Marathon Trilogy". This disc includes full version of all three Marathon games, as well as Pathways (aka Pathways into Darkness).

But wait, there's a lot more. You get all the utilities you need to make your own maps and levels in programs like Forge, Anvil, Marathon Map Splitter and Chisel to mention a few (Oh, and trust me, it's addictive).

There's also a demo version of each game, as well as a demo for Bungie's Abuse. There's the first game ever released by Bungie - Gnop (which is just Pong spelled backwards).

And on disc 2 (the white disc labeled "The Definitive Map Collection") you get a major assembly of extra levels and scenarios for all three games, as well as large arrays of entries to the Marathon Map Making Contest.

There's also a whole bunch of patches, physics models and other goodies for Marathon fanatics to try out. I mean it just keeps going, whatever you're looking for, it's probably stuffed in here somewhere.

All in all the disc content is more than plenty and I doubt any Marathon fan will be dissapointed with this set.


Released in May, 1997.

 Visitors Comments

Posted 2008-02-03 (17:41)

Well, you can still play the games on OSX using the Aleph One engine :)

To bad that there's no way to run Forge though. Guess that makes my incomplete scenario a pretty doomed work in progress. :'(

Tomas | Location: Blackeberg Posted 2008-02-03 (12:23)

Such a great gem for my bookshelf, but when will I explore the actual contents of the discs? Oh well, maybe all those sweet Marathon memories are all I really need... still, this box is a good reason to hang on to a Mac that can run Mac OS 9 natively until the end of days.

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